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R and > with a line under it (i can't do it on this website) and then C

or R is greater than or equal to C

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Q: How would you translate R at least equal C?
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It would be the year of production. M represents 1000 and C represents 100. This would translate to 1900.

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CC XCIX mean in roman numeralC represents 100 and X represents 10. This would translate to 299.

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The exact opposite of the C in the equation E = MC^ would be darkness. C is the speed of light, so if you take the light out, -C would be equal to darkness.

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In C programming, C compiler is user to translate C source into C object module.

Need of C compiler?

Mainly to translate C sources into objects modules.

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M represents 1000 and C represents 100. This would translate to 1918.

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How can you translate c language to visual basic?

You can't. VB is too complex and too high level. C is one of the most basic low level languages around. Its very hard to translate into higher level languages but easy to translate into assembler

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160° F is equal to 160° F. 160° C would be equal to 320° F

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Neither are commutative: a - b does not equal b - a, and a/b does not equal b/a. Neither is associative: (a - b) - c does not equal a - (b - c), and (a/b)/c does not equal a/(b/c).

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History is the obvious one, but also you would need at least a C in English and probably maths. You would need at least 5 A*-C GCSE passes so that you could go on to study history for A Level and then at university

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To translate the C source code program, you need a program called a "C compiler".

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M represents 1000 and C represents 100. This would translate to 1611.

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