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B. 23 quarts is equal to a little more then 5 gallons

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Q: Which answer has the least unit size A. 3 gallons B. 23 quarts C. A and B are equal?
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Which has the least unit size 13 quarts 4 gallons or both?

The units in question are a quart and a gallon. Of these, a quart is the smaller.

How many quarts of water will an Olympic size swimming pool hold?

2,592,000 quarts or 648,000 gallons

Which is bigger 4 pints or 2 quarts?

Two quarts and four pints are equal in size.

How many times do you have to fill a pint size jar to equal 5 quarts?

10 times

How many quarts equals a pitcher?

Pitchers come in a variety of sizes, however, the most typical size for a pitcher would be about 2 quarts.

What size pond to hold 3 acre feet of water?

Any size pond that can hold at least 977,600 gallons of water.

What is the ideal size of tank required for two goldfish?

Two goldfish should be given a tank of at least 30 gallons. A more ideal tank size would be 40-50 gallons. Anything larger than 50 gallons is just icing on the cake.

Can 4 goldfish live in 5 gallons of water?

no they need at least five gallons each. a thirty gallon tank is a good size tank to keep goldfish in.

What size is the gas tank in a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria?

I believe it is 20 gallons, at least in the police version.

What has the least unit size 39 cups or 3 gallons?

1 gallon = 16 cups. 3 gallons = (3 x 16) = 48 cups 39 cups is less. 3 gallons is more.

What size pond pump for a 500 liter pond?

i would use a pump that pushes at least 350 gallons an hour

Would a fish tank be 10 quarts or 10 gallons?

10 Gallons is one of the most common size of fish tanks. 20"x10"x12" (length, width, and depth, in inches) are the dimensions for a typical 10 gallon aquarium.

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