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Q: How would you work out cylinder dimensions with only a volume given of 1000cubic mtrs?
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Which cylinder has a greater volume?

That of course will depend on their dimensions of which none have been given

How do you calculate the volume of a cylinder 20 feet high and 14 feet high?

With difficulty unless other dimensions are given.

How do you get the volume of a cone when the volume of the cylinder is given?

multiply the volume of the cylinder by 1/3. whatever you get is the volume of the cone

How many gallons of water are in a cylinder tank that is twenty three inches in diameter and thirty one inches long?

Assuming the dimensions given are inside dimensions, the cylinder will hold 55.75 gallons - less if the dimensions given are outside dimensions.

How do you find volume of cylinder when base and height is given?

Volume of a cylinder in cubic units = piradius2height

Can a cylinder never have the same volume as a cuboid?

Given a cuboid it is always possible to have a cylinder with the same volume.

How do you find the volume of a cylinder when height and volume is given?

Volume = pi*r2*h

How do you find the dimensions of a cube given the volume?

Volume = length X width X height. Therefore, take the cube root of the volume to find all the dimensions

How do you find the height of a cylinder when radious and volume are given?

pi*radius2*height = volume of a cylinder height = volume divided by pi*radius2

How do you find the height of a cylinder when volume and area are given?

Make the height the subject of the fornula for the volume or surface area of the cylinder

How do you find the radius of a cylinder with a volume of 2355?

That will depend on its height which has not been given but the volume of a cylinder is pi*radius squared*height.

What is formula of cylinder if the base are given?

Neither the area or the volume of the cylinder can be calculated without the length.