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Q: How would you write 3 thousandths as a decimal?
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How do you write 3 thousandths as a decimal?

0.3 would be 3 tenths0.03 would be 3 hundredths0.003 would be 3 thousandths

How would you write 3 thousandths as a decimal notation?


How do you write 3 and 852 thousandths as a decimal?

3 and 852 thousandths as a decimal = 3.852

How do you write 3 and 90 thousandths as a decimal?


How do you write 3 and 8 thousandths in decimal form?


How do you write 3 tens and 25 thousandths as a decimal?


How do you write 7 and 3 thousandths meters as a decimal?

7.003 meters.

How do you write 648 thousandths?

The thousandths place is 3 after the decimal place. That is, 1 thousandth would be 0.001 To write any number of thousandths, you put the unit of that number in the thousandths place, the tens of the number in the tenths place, and so on. In this case, we want to write 648 thousandths, so that would be written as 0.648

How in standard form do you write seven and seven hundred twelve thousandths?

Seven and seven hundred twelve thousandths would be written as 7.712The "and" tells you where the decimal goes, "thousandths" tells you how many places there will be in the decimal part of your answer (3 decimal places for thousandths), and seven hundred twelve tells you how many thousandths there will be.

How do you write two and three thousandths in decimal form?

2 and 3/1000 = 2.003

How do you write 3 thousands as a decimal?

Three thousands = 3000.0 Three thousandths = 0.003

What is seven hundred five thousandths in decimal form?

Seven hundred five thousandths in decimal form is 0.705. First, because you know it's in thousandths you know there will be three decimal places (1 for tenths, 2 for hundredths, and 3 for thousandths). So then you simply write out seven hundred five as 705 and add the decimal point in front of it.

How do you write two and three thousandths?

In fraction form: 2 3/1000 In decimal form: 2.003

How do you write in decimal form 3 tenths 8 thousandths 5 ones and 4 hundreds?

It is 405.308

Write the decimal number in standard form ninety-seven ten-thousandths?

It is 9.7*10-3.

What is 3 thousandths?

It is: 0.003 as a decimal or 3/1000 as a fraction

How do you write seventeen ten-thousandths?

As a fraction 17/10,000 or as a decimal 0.0017 or in standard form 1.7*10-3

How do you write six hundred eight thousandths as a decimal?


3 and 30 thousandths in decimal?

3 and 30/1000 as a decimal is 3.030 or simply as 3.03

How do you write 30000 as a decimal?

Generally, whole numbers that have no digits after the decimal point are not written as decimalsm but if it is, 30000 would be written as 30000. or 30000.0 or with as many zeros as you like after the decimal point, though the decimal point and zeros are not necessary.

How do you write nine and seven hundred ninety-one thousandths?

9.791Thousandth indicates that the last decimal is in the thousandths place, the third place to the right of the decimal point. .001 would be one thousandth, and .052 would be fifty-two thousandths. The nine at the beginning signifies that there is a number before the decimal place. For instance, three and four hundredths would be 3.04. Nine and seven hundred ninety-one thousandths is written 9.791. Note: Thousands is in the fourth place to the left of the decimal place, eg. 3 thousand is 3,000. Do not confuse thousands and thousandths; they are very different.

What is three thousandths in figure?

Three thousandths as a fraction is 3/1000 or 0.003 as a decimal

How do you write 3 thousandths?


How would you write 1 and 3 10s as a decimal?


What is the place value for 3 in the number 192955.193007?

the "thousandths place". To determine the place, start at the decimal point, and to the right of the decimal point, the order is "tenths", "hundredths", "thousandths", "ten-thousandths", "hundred-thousandths", "millionths" and so on. In 192955.193007 the 3 is the third place to the right of the decimal so its in the "thousandths place".