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one and twelve hundredths as a decimal and fraction = 1.12 and 112/100 or 28/25.

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Q: How would you write one and twelve hundredths as a decimal and fraction?
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Related questions

What would twelve hundredths be written as a decimal?


How do you write one and twelve hundredths as a fraction?

You would write it as 1 12/100 - which can be simplified if you so wish. Alternatively, you could write it as the decimal fraction: 1.12

What would eleven and twelve hundredths be written as a decimal?

It is: 11 and 12/100 = 11.12

What is 69 percent as a fraction?

69% translated to a decimal is .69 which is 69 hundredths so as a fraction this would be 69/100

What is the fraction of 0.17?

The fraction of 0.17 would be seventeen hundredths. You would take how you say the decimal, "Seventeen hundredths", and write it how you say it. Other fractions may need to be simplified in order to get the correct answer. ♥

What is twelve and seventy-five hundredths as a fraction?

It is 12 75/100. You could simplify the fraction but then you would lose information about its precision and also end up with an awkward fraction.

How do you write 12 hundredths?

the way that you would write twelve hundredths is in this form which is decimal. 0.12 It is: 12/100 or 3/25 in its simplest form

How do you write 44 percent as a fraction?

44% is really 44 percent out of 100 percent. the fraction would be 44/100 and the decimal would be .44 which is read 44 hundredths which relates to the fraction.

How do you write twelve twenty fifths in decimal form using division?

Twelve twenty fifths is a fraction, twelve over twenty-five. Since a fraction represents a division problem, your denominator 25 would be you divisor and you numerator 12 would be you dividend. 12 divided by 25 = 0.48 (your answer as a decimal)

How would you write for hundredths of a decimal?

A hundredths is 0.01

What is a whole number of hundredths?

A whole number of hundredths is basically a decimal or a fraction turned into a percent. For example, One hundredth is equivalent to 1%. Fifty hundredths would be 50% 75 hundredths would be 75%. 51 hundredths would be 51%.

How do you write fraction of 37 hundredths?

37 hundredths is the fraction 37/100. Divide top and bottom by 100. When you divide the numerator (37.0) by 100, you move the decimal point two places to the left; the answer would be 0.37

What is 15.27 as a decimal?

It is a decimal. As a mixed number, it would be 15 and 27/100 (fifteen and twenty-seven hundredths). * (the fraction 3/11 is approximated by the repeating decimal 0.272727).

What is the math term a hundredth?

A term which is a fraction of 100. For example 8/100 would be eight hundredths or written as a decimal 0.08

What is the decimal of two and eleven hundredths?

The decimal would be 2.11.

How would you write 20 hundredths in a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 20/100, or 2/10, is equal to 0.2.

What is 57.5 as a decimal and as fraction?

It is already a decimal. The fraction would be 115/2

What would twelve and thirty four hundredths be in standard form?

Twelve and thirty four hundredths in standard form is 1.234 × 101

How do you write eight and twenty -six hundredths?

In decimal notation, that would be: 0.0826 As a fraction, that would be: 413/5000

What is the fraction 4 4hundreds and a decimal?

The fraction would be written as 4/400 and would be 0.01 as a decimal.

How would you write five and six hundredths in decimal form?

Five and six hundredths in decimal form is 5.06

How do you convert a demimal to a fraction?

first you need to remember your decimal placements. To the right of your decimal you have Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Ten Thousandths... and so on.. If you have .065 the 5 being in the third placement it would put it thousandths... so your fraction would read 65/1000. ~ .678276 would be 678276/ 1000000

How do you turn seventy-one hundredths into a decimal?

In decimal form it would be 0.71

How would you one hundredths in decimal form?

It is: 1/100 = 0.01 as a decimal

Write the decimal fraction for 3.588?

The decimal fraction for 3.588 would be 3.588/1000