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Q: What would twelve hundredths be written as a decimal?
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Related questions

What would eleven and twelve hundredths be written as a decimal?

It is: 11 and 12/100 = 11.12

How would you write one and twelve hundredths as a decimal and fraction?

one and twelve hundredths as a decimal and fraction = 1.12 and 112/100 or 28/25.

How would you write 5 hundredths of a millimeter in decimal form?

In decimal form, 5 hundredths of a millimeter can be written in the form .05 mm.

What would 167 hundredths be written as a decimal?

167/100 = 1.67

How do you write 12 hundredths?

the way that you would write twelve hundredths is in this form which is decimal. 0.12 It is: 12/100 or 3/25 in its simplest form

How would you write for hundredths of a decimal?

A hundredths is 0.01

How do you write 3.04 in words?

3.04 written in words would be, three and four hundredths. One decimal place is tenths, two is hundredths, three would be thousandths.

What is the decimal of two and eleven hundredths?

The decimal would be 2.11.

how do you write 17.31 in decimal form?

You already have written it as a decimal. The word form would be seventeen and thirty-one hundredths.

How do you spell 3.12?

The decimal number 3.12 is written or spoken "three and twelve hundredths."It could also be spoken three point one two.In US currency, this would be "three dollars and twelve cents."

What would twelve and thirty four hundredths be in standard form?

Twelve and thirty four hundredths in standard form is 1.234 × 101

How would you write five and six hundredths in decimal form?

Five and six hundredths in decimal form is 5.06

How do you turn seventy-one hundredths into a decimal?

In decimal form it would be 0.71

How would you one hundredths in decimal form?

It is: 1/100 = 0.01 as a decimal

What is one hundred six and seven hundredths in decimal form?

One hundred six and seven hundredths in decimal form would be 106.07.

How would you write -75 hundredths as a decimal?

-0.75 is -75 hundredths in decimal form.

How would you write two hundredths as a decimal?


How would you write 8 hundredths as a decimal?


How would you write 60 hundredths as a decimal?


How would you write 83 hundredths as a decimal?


How would you 90 hundredths in decimal form?


How would you write 68 hundredths as a decimal?


How do you write fifty-five hundredths as a decimal?

You take the place vlaues accordingly: first there are the tenths, then the hundredths, then thousandths, ten thousandths, so on. For example, 0.1 would be 1 tenth. 0.01 would be one hundreth, 0.001 would be one thousandth, and so on. Each zero marks a decimal place. Therefore, fifty-five hundredths would be written as 0.55.

Write the greatest 3 digit decimal number in hundredths?

It would be 999 hundredths, which is 9.99

How would you write thirty seven hundredths as a decimal?

37/100 as a decimal is 0.37