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You need to know the density of the marble.

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Q: How you can convert one ton of marble to one cubic meter?
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Convert one gallon into one cubic meter?

1 Gallon = 0.003785411784 Cubic Meter (m3)

How do you convert from newton cubic meter to cubic meter?

You can't - you cannot convert from one one unit to another and eliminate one or more dimensions as you do so.

How Convert Cubic meter into cubic feet?

There are about 35.314 cubic feet in one cubic meter. So:cubic meters x 35.314 = cubic feet

How many square meter is one cubic meter?

You simply can't convert that.

How do you convert running meter to cubic meter?

how we can convert running meter to cubic running meter To get cubic meter, you need to know the length, the width, and the height. Multiply those three together to get volume in cubic meters. You can't get cubic meter just by knowing one dimension such as running meter. You need all three dimensions.

What is the wt of 1 cubic meter of marble?

-- For solid marble, I found different weights listed for 1 cubic meter, ranging from 2560 kg (5644 lb) to 2610 kg (5754 lb). I guess there are different kinds of marble. -- For broken marble, one source says 1570 kg (3461 lb) per cubic meter.

How do you convert a kilometer into a cubic meter?

You can't - kilometer is a linear measurement (one dimension) and cubic meter is a measure of volume (3 dimention)

What is the formula for cubic meters into cubic centimeters?

1 cubic metre = 1000000 cubic centimetres.1 cubic meter = 1000 000 cubic centimeterSince one meter has 100 cm, a cubic meter has a million (100 cubed) cubic centimeters. So, to convert from cubic meters to cubic centimeters, you multiply by a million.

How do one Convert 11001 cubic meter to standard cubic feet?

11,001 cubic metres / 0.30383 = 388,496.65 cu ft

How many meters in a cubic meter?

A meter is a length a cubic meter is a volume. you cant equate one against the other.

How many cubic meter are in a cubic meter?

there is one cubic meter that fits exactly in another cubic meter

How do you convert 1 cubic meter to kilograms set examples?

A cubic meter is one thousand liters. It is designed to relate to the weight of water, so one liter weighs one kilogram. A cubic meter of water weighs one thousand kilos, or one metric ton.

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