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A cubic meter is one thousand liters. It is designed to relate to the weight of water, so one liter weighs one kilogram. A cubic meter of water weighs one thousand kilos, or one metric ton.

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Q: How do you convert 1 cubic meter to kilograms set examples?
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How do you convert the cubic meter to weight?

Convert cubic meters in kilograms? No can do. Cubic meters is a volume, kilos are weight. Unless you know the density you can't get an answer.

How do you convert kilograms to cubic meters?

You can't convert just Kgs. to cubic metres. A kilogram is a measure of weight while a cubic meter is a measure of size.

How many kilograms are in one cubic meter?

The medium density should given to convert from mass (kilogram) to volume (1 cubic meters). Assuming water of 1000 kg/cubic meter, than 1 cubic meter would contain 1000 kilograms,

What is the density of copper in kilograms per cubic meter?

The density of copper is 8940 kilograms per cubic meter.

What is the mass in kilograms of one cubic meter of water?

One cubic meter of water is one thousand kilograms.

1 cubic meter convert to 1 kg?

How to convert Cubic meter to BTU

How do convert cubic meter per hour into kilogram per hour?

That's the same as converting cubic meter to kilograms. You can't do it, unless you know the density of the specific substance you are working with.

What is the desity if an object with a mass of 300 kilograms and a volume of 15 cubic meters?

Density = 300/15 kilograms per cubic meter = 20 kilograms per cubic meter

1 cubic meter is equals to how many kilograms?

1 Cubic Meter = 333Kgs

What is the of a cubic meter in of water in kilograms?

A cubic meter of pure water has weight of 1000kg

How many Pounds per cubic foot to kilograms per cubic meter?

One pound per cubic foot is equal to 16 kilograms per cubic meter.

How do you convert MMBTU to cubic meters?

How to convert mmbtu to cubic meter

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