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Q: How you can use differential calculus to calculate the creep strain rate from a set of data for creep strain as a function of elapsed time?
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Where can I find an efficient PHP function to calculate the working minutes elapsed between two timestamps?

print ($Timestamp1 - $Timestamp2)/60;

How do you calculate elapsed between am and pm?

I do it in two parts. I calculate how much time has elapsed between the AM and noon, then how much time has elapsed between noon and the PM, then add them together.

How do you you find displacement from velocity?

To find displacement from velocity, you need to integrate the velocity function over the desired time interval. If the velocity function is changing, you can use calculus to find the area under the velocity-time graph to determine the displacement. Alternatively, you can calculate displacement by multiplying average velocity by time elapsed.

What is the average speed of a car that travels 40mph for 1 hour and 60 mph in another hour?

The average speed of the car would be the total distance traveled divided by the total time taken. In this case, the total distance traveled is 40 miles + 60 miles = 100 miles, and the total time taken is 1 hour + 1 hour = 2 hours. So, the average speed would be 100 miles / 2 hours = 50 mph.

What are the two measure necessary to calculate average speed?

Total distance traveled & total elapsed time.

How does speed work?

Typically as a function of distance traveled by time elapsed. Kilometers per hour, feet per second, etc.

What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity (9.8 m/s²)?

?Initial velocity?

What is the meaning of elapsed?

Elapsed means: to slip or pass by: Thirty minutes elapsed before the performance began

How does a calendar in a computer work?

Normally computers calculate dates and times based on how many seconds have elapsed since midnight on January 1st 1970.

What does Elapsed transport time mean?

What does elapsed time meen?

How do you calculate height when given velocity?

To calculate height when given velocity, you can use the equation ( h = (v^2 \sin^2 \theta) / (2g) ), where ( v ) is the initial velocity, ( \theta ) is the launch angle, and ( g ) is the acceleration due to gravity. This equation applies when the object is launched horizontally.

What is 1145pm to 330 elapsed time?

Elapsed time11:45pm to 3:30 am