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Simple. When multiplying, you take the number 0, and add 6, to get 6. Beings you only added 6 one time, 6 would equal 1x6 . If you took 0 and added 6 twice, you would get 12. And that would be 2x6. Well take that method for 5x6. Just like adding 6 to 0, 5 times. You would get 30. So to answer your question, you could either add 6 to 0, 6 times to get the answer, 36, or you could take 5x6=30, take the answer 30 and add 6 to it. Or you could just be simple and learn your times tables.

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Q: How you could use 5x6 equals 30 to find the product of 6x6?
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