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first use 5 times 6 = 30 than add 6 times 1 = 6 so the product of 6 times 6 is 36

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does anyone know the answer to this i am so confused and i need help really bad so if you get the answer let me know cause i need it really bad and this is due november 3 so i need help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Find the Product. 6x6

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Q: How can you use 5x6 equals 30 to find the product of 6x6?
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How could you use 5x6 equals 30 to find the product 0f 6x6?

first use 5*6=30 then add 6*1=6 the product of 6*6 is 36

What is the degree of 6x6 9x3 3x2-4x10-9x5-5x6?


How do you know what is 6x6?

6x6 = 36

Enter the degree of the polynomial below 6x6 plus 9x3 plus 3x2 - 4x10 - 9x5 - 5x6?


What does 6x6 equals?

6 times 6 equals 36 :)

What is a 5x6 tomato?

5x6 is a measure of the tomatoes size base on how many you can fit in a case. Tomatoes are sold wholesale in standard 25lb boxes. 5x6 means that you can fit about 5 rows of 6 tomatoes in the dimensions of a standard 25 lb case. So a 6x6 tomato would be smaller, and a 4x6 tomato would be bigger.

How many 6s in 42?

Seven 1x6=6 2x6=12 3x6=18 4x6=24 5x6=30 6x6=36 7x6=42

How you could use 5x6 equals 30 to find the product of 6x6?

Simple. When multiplying, you take the number 0, and add 6, to get 6. Beings you only added 6 one time, 6 would equal 1x6 . If you took 0 and added 6 twice, you would get 12. And that would be 2x6. Well take that method for 5x6. Just like adding 6 to 0, 5 times. You would get 30. So to answer your question, you could either add 6 to 0, 6 times to get the answer, 36, or you could take 5x6=30, take the answer 30 and add 6 to it. Or you could just be simple and learn your times tables.

Find the product of face value of two 6 in 67862?

the face value of the two sixes is 6. and 6x6=36 and that is your answer

What does 6x6 equal?

Six multiplied by six equals 36. 6 x 6 = 36

What is the root of 36?

the root of it is 6x6 which is real easy because it equals 36.

What is 5 over 6 times 6 as a fraction?

5/6 x 6 = (5x6)/6 = 5 Which can be written as 5/1 if you really want. 5/(6x6) = 5/36

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