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Two examples to find the average of percentages:

(45% + 34%) / 2 = 39.5

(23% + 26% + 45% + 24%) / 4 = 29.5

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Q: How you get the average from percentages?
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Can you take four percentages divide by four to get an average of the four percentages?

Yes add the 4 percentages together then divide them by 4 to obtain the average percentage

How do you average 2 percentages?

Add the 2 percentages together, then divide by 2.

What is meant by mean percentage?

It is the arithmetic average of a number of percentages.

How do you average percentages?

Same as any average sums just add and divide it by the amount of numbers you got.

How do you average percent?

Add the total of the percentages toegether then divide it by the number of results.

What is the average income of US citizens in percentages?

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How do you calculate the average of 4 percentages?

Add them together and divide by 4 (the number of percentages you had in the first place) It's just like averaging plain numbers

What is the average rate of 7.98 percent and 12.25 percent?

10.115%. To find the average, add the 2 individual percentages together, then divide the sum by the number of original percentages in the equation. 7.98% + 12.25% = 20.23% 20.23% divided by 2 = 10.115%

How do you calculate improved percentages?

Percentages are percentages - simple! The marketing people have not yet come up with "new improved" percentages.

What are the language percentages in Thailand?

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What are the rules of percentages maths?

The answer depends on what you are trying to do with the percentages.

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