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you can add them all up and divide by the number of percents you added.

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2010-05-04 10:49:17
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Q: What is the formula to calculate average of percents?
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How are percents used in daily math?

Percents are used to calculate tax on EVERY store purchase,and to calculate discounts on every "special" or "bargain".If you can't calculate percents, you can't catch mistakes or avoid being cheated.

What is percentage problem?

It is a problem where you need to calculate percents.

The formula used to calculate average speed?


How does one calculate the weighted average cost of capital?

To calculate the weighted average cost of capital is explained in the following formula. You have to get the average of the cost of the sources of finances. Which is the offset by the interest rates the company has to pay.

What is the formula to calculate batting average in baseball?

for a season the number of at bats divided by the number of hits

What is the formula to calculate days receivable?

(Average Accounts Receivable) / (Sales X 360 days)

How do you calculate a cube-per-order index and what is a formula of this?

COI = Average required cubic storage footage / average numbers of orders

How do you calculate the average contribution margin?

Formula for calculating average Contribution margin Average contribution margin = total contribution margin / total number of units

What is the formula to calculate the period of a wave?

you find the formula... then you calculate it. Its that simple.

What is the formula to calculate maximum random errors?

Maximum Random Error is often calculated by subtracting the average from the data point farthest from the average.

What is the formula to calculate average sales per hour?

The formula to calculate average sales per hours is P/T. P is the total number of products sold and T is the amount of time it took to sale the products. For example, 100 items told in fives hours has an average sales per of 20.

Why are taxes and discounts are based on percents?

Because it's easier for the person doing the shopping to calculate their taxes or discounts.

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