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The fixture box should have a ground screw on the bottom of the box. Sometimes you have to move other wires out of the way to see it. Just reconnect the fixture ground wire to this screw.

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Q: I am installing a kitchen light fixture in the ceiling. While pulling down the old fixture the green ground wire broke. The new Fixture has a green ground wire. Where do I ground it to now?
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What exactly are Mini Pendants?

A mini pendant is a small light fixture, that hangs from the ceiling, often from a long pole. Mini pendants are often found in a kitchen or bathroom.

How do you install a vent into kitchen sink drain so that it will not gurgle?

By properly sizing the vent by fixture units and developed lengh and pitching it up from the fixture it serves

Is there a code for fluorescent light fixture covers?

I do not know of a specific code in the United States. However, a flourescent fixture should be covered if breaking a bulb would create serious problems, such as in a kitchen, a place where children play, etc. In lieu of covering the whole fixture they manufacture tubes that cover the bulbs themselves for the same purpose.

How many fixture units for a domestic kitchen sink?

That would depend on local codes... I fiqure 2 fixture units and even if the code allow the use of 11/2" diameter pipe I always use 2" MIN.

How many sinks can you install in 1 waste pipe?

well kitchen sinks are set at 2 fixture units and on a 2" drain you can have 4 because horizontal 2" line can have 8 fixtures units and 2" vertical can have 16 fixture units.

What vent pipe size is required for a kitchen sink?

If the drain is used as a wet vent for another fixture 2". Otherwise 1.5".

What causes all of 6 halogen canned lights in a kitchen to individually goes off for a minute or so then comed back on?

The bulb wattage is too high or insulation is too close to can fixture causing it to overheat tripping the safety relay. As the fixture cools off the bulb comes back on.

Is forecast lighting right for a kitchen?

Forecast lighting is a good fixture to cast light over a specific area. For example, placing it over a kitchen table will cast light directly onto your area.

Clogged kitchen sink can you flush toilets and use other sinks?

Of course as water seeks its own level thus the toilet is NOT effected by a fixture above it

Your kitchen lights won't turn on after replacing the u-shaped tubes. What could be the problem?

If the fluorescent tubes work in a different fixture then the ballast may be defective.

When does personal property become a fixture?

When it becomes permanently affixed to the real estate such as kitchen cabinets, built-in appliances, doors, water heaters, furnaces, etc.

What are the minimum number of plumbing fixture for a single family residence?

Hot water tank, hose bibb, kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom vanity sink and a tub/shower.

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