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More than likely not but it depends on how many credits you had before you entered the 10th grade and how many subjects you had during the 10th grade. More important than how many subjects you failed is how many you passed.

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Q: I failed 3 minor subjects am I going to pass gr. 10?
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Answer:100% (all students who took the test).Since 27% failed in both, then 73% are remained to be discussed.Since 70% passed in English, 65% passed in Math and 27% failed in both,Then, failed in English = (100% - 70%) = 30%.Failed only in English = 30% - 27% = 3%.Failed in Math = (100% - 65%) = 35%.Failed only in Math = 35% - 27% = 8%.So total % of students failed = failed in both subjects + failed in English only + failed in Math only = 27% + 3% + 8%= 38%.So passed in both subjects = 100% - 38% = 62%.Answer: In that exam 62% passed in both subjects.

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