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1o minutes?! THat's enough..if you have a study guide study it!! That's it! Common sense

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:26:03
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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: I got a test in 10 minutes that I didn't study for?
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Why is studying better for you?

It is better for you to study because when you study hard you seem to remember what you are studying about.When you don't study and you take a test the next day you are more likely to get bad grade on the test ,but when you do study you are more likely to get a better grade then when you did not study.when i took a test I did not study I got a bad grade,but the next test I took I studied and got a good grade.

How do you study for a math test in 5 minutes?

You read all of your notes 5 times at the most-- i know from experince i got 100% from doing this hope it helps, and GOOD LUCK!

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Im really sorry but i cant answer that because i got it for a question for a test at school but i didnt read it so i got it wrong :(

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How do you a 100 on a test you didn't study for?

you write it on your paper and pretend you got 100 or you can wait til you get a 0 then at a 10 in front of it.

How do you be smart in school?

if you got school try to paid a lot attention and try do all your homework and study every night . don't just try DO IT!! i would know this because i was once failing all of my subjects but then i got a great idea which was to study and pay attention in class. once i started doing that i got 108 on my test and homework. BTW I'm in 11th grade. i know that it helps me to study than to not study because when i did study i got 108's and when i didn't study i got 28's big difference there huh??!! YEP. people need to study so you can be smart and excel in your classes. i hope you take my answer into consideration.

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