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If you are slackening the clamp and swinging the dist round quarter of a turn it is throwing the ignition timing right out. You have to remove the distributor completely from its drive and turn it, then replace. You can set the finer timing with a strobe light. answer move wires back 2 terminals counterclockwise Answer Get a smaller diameter air filter. Answer: The reason your engine wont fire is that you are putting your ignition advance out of time. Play with your distributor until your vehicle runs properly and tighten your bolt down and leave that as it is. Now what you must figure out is how to get your air filter on. You can put a Throttle body spacer on to position your carb a little higher. Or you could go and purchase a different air filter holder and a new air filter that will fit on your engine. Take your time if your purchasing a new holder because you dont want to waste your money get something that looks good and is functional. I prefer edelbrock stuff so i would go with edelbrock and probably a K&N filter. Anyways yeah your problem is you are screwing with your spark advance.

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Q: I need To turn the distributor cap on a 350 1985 a quarter turn to the right so the air filter will fit but every time i do that the engine wont start what should i do and how can you do it right?
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Where is the distributor cap on a 2000 Nissan Maxima?

the distributor cap should be on the drivers side of the engine. It is close to the front just beside the air filter.

What Parts are needed for tuning up a 1989 Lincoln 5.0 engine?

Spark plugs, distributor cap, and distributor rotor should be replaced. Ignition coil should be checked for corrosion at the post. Clean or replace as needed. Spark plug wires should be inspected for corrosion. Clean or replace as needed. PCV valve should be cleaned. Fuel filter should be relaced. Air filter should be inspected and replaced if needed. Oil and filter should be changed if applicable.

Does a 1999 Chevy s10 pickup with a 2.4 engine have a distributor cap?

That should be a 2.2 engine and no, it does not have a distributor cap. It has a DIS (Distributorless Ignition System).

How do you remove the distributor drive shaft on a 1972 beetle?

The distributor is a single unit. Set the engine to top dead center. Make a witness mark on the distributor body and the engine case to reassemble and re-align the unit. Remove the distributor clamp holding the distributor in place. Remove and mark the wires. Pull the distributor straight up and out of the engine case. The shaft is keyed and should be in the body of the distributor. Reassembly is the reverse procedure.

Where on the distributor cap does number 1 spark plug wire go on a 1991 ford 5.0?

The distributor cap should have the number 1 marked on it. The distributor cap is installed with the # 1 position facing the engine , slightly towards the drivers side of the engine

How do you check distributor play in GM 4.3 engine?

Pop the distributor cap off and wiggle the rotor side to side. There should be no play in the shaft.

Should the rotor move under distributor cap?

Well yes and no. It should more around in a circle when the engine is started. The rotor should not move except a hair with the engine off.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1987 Nissan 200SX?

Your fuel filter should be located next to your engine in the engine bay. To the passinger side of the engine. It should have one plastic clamp on each end of the filter. Squeeze the clamps on both sides with a pair of pliers and pull the fuel line away from the filter. Then remove the clamp holding the filter to the wheel well. Do everything in reverse to install your new filter.

'Where is the oil pressure sender or transducer on a 1994 Chevy S-10 Blazer with a 4.3 Vortec engine?

It should be located beside the distributor. When looking from the front of the engine it should be on the drivers side. About 6-8 inches to the right of the distributor. Hope this helps.

Where should the timing be at on a 383 stroker motor with vacum advance?

Advance the distributor until the engine pings then back off to the point the engine stops pinging, tighten the distributor. This will require driving a few test runs.

Where is the oil filter on 97 Infiniti qx4?

Oil filter in an Infinity QX4 1997 is found underneath the engine. The plastic cover that hides the whole engine from below should be removed and there the filter can be seen.

What connects the carburetor and the engine on a gas scooter?

the air filter (depending on the engine will) two long bolts will go through the air filter and carb and will connect to the intake which should already be attached to the engine. the air filter will sometimes have a case on it though.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 98 Chevy truck 454 engine?

It should be part of the distributor.

How do you check 1989 Isuzu transmission control module?

You shouldn't have to purge it if you fill the filter up with fuel before putting it on the truck. If you have already put it on then you need to open a line between the filter and the fuel distributor. Crank the engine until you see fuel and then close the line. Should start and run then.

Will a fuel filter turn your check engine light on?

A clogged or defective fuel filter will very likely cause a check engine light. If it is suspected, it should be replaced.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1985 Toyota Celica st?

I have a 1985 celica GT and the fuel filter is located above the oil filter on the engine block. If the ST model has a 22re engine it should be the same.

When timing a 350 engine does the distributor point to the number one piston or the number one spark plug?

Yes the rotor should be pointing to the #1 cylinder when you are installing the distributor.

Where is the oil filter located at on the 455 rocket engine?

Oil filter location should be on passenger side rear of block

Where is the fuel filter on a Cadillac 2002 Escalade On the fuel filter is stamp the word OUT is that mean it should be pointed to the engine?

Should be located undeer the vehicle - follow the fuel line from the tank Yes "out" goes toward engine

How do you change the oil on a 1998 polaris 300 explorer fourwheeler and is there a filter?

Under the engine there should be a drain plug up in the skid plate as to keep it from getting damaged. On the right side of the engine you should find the filter.

How do you install mopar small block distributor?

get #1 cylinder on top dead center and then put the distributor rotor bug a hair before the #1 plug wire on the distributor and drop in down into the engine and all should be fine.

Location of 1984 Jeep CJ7 fuel pump?

if it is a 258 six cylinder go to passenger side of motor and it should be bolted to the side of the engine block just below the distributor follow the fuel line to the carburetor to make sure [Actually, I have an 84 with a 258 and mine is located to the right of my distributor... my oil filter is below my distributor; but, as was said above, go to your carb. and follow the fuel line when in doubt.]

Where do you start the firing order for a dodge 5.9 liter engine?

At cylinder 1, should be labeled on distributor cap.

Where is the spout connector on 1990 ford f150 5.0 liter?

I believe it should be close to the distributor at the front of the engine

1978 Chevy 305 oil sender location?

It should be in the back of the engine, just to the drivers side of the distributor.