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A quadrilateral and a triangle

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Q: I need to decompose and transform a pentagon into 2 shapes. What 2 shapes can make up a pentagon?
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What 3 shapes make a pentagon?

There are 3 triangles in a pentagon.

What shapes can make a pentagon?

A pentagon is a 5 sided polygon.

What if a Pentagon is cut along a diagonal line what shapes does it make?

a semi circle

What shapes can you make out of three triangles?

You can make any triangle, quadrilateral or pentagon with three suitable triangles.

What shapes make up a pentagon?

A pentagon is a five sided regular polygon; as such, it is made up of five line segments. If you wanted to, you could also construct a pentagon out of five triangles that fit together much like a pie.The shapes that make a pentagon is triangles, rhombuses and diamonds. Dummy next time answer the question and stop giving a meaning when that was not asked for or that wasn't the question

What shape can you make with 2 squares and a triangle?

A pentagon (a shape with 5 sides). Just stack the shapes ontop of eachother.

What do a trapezoid and a triangle make?

It depends entirely on their relative shapes and sizes. They could make a triangle, a parallelogram, a square, or a pentagon or even a concave heptagon.

What shape can you make with 3 triangles and 1 trapezoid?

Depending on the individual shapes, you can make a large triangle, a square or any other quadrilateral, a regular or irregular pentagon or hexagon. If concave shapes are allowed, you can make any polygon upto a decagon.

Why did they Make the Pentagon a pentagon?

just becaause

How many sides do the shapes have on 40x escape?

On level 13 of 40x Escape, there are three shapes: a square, a pentagon inside the square, and a triangle inside the pentagon. The number of sides of each is 4, 5, and 3, going from outside to inside. Click the buttons to make them 4-5-3.

What shapes can you make out of two triangles?

You can make a square, a rhombus, a parrallelogram, a kite, a rectangle, and a trapezoid. If you were to make all these shapes out of two triangles, you would have to have different sized triangles for most of them. If you put the bottoms of both of them together, it will make a diamond shape. But they would have to be the same size.

How do you make a pentagon using a triangle?

There are 3 triangles in a pentagon

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