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Identify the types of statistical information collected in your professional work setting

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Q: Identify types of statistics collected or should be collected in a health care setting?
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Is there a difference between vital records and health statistics?

Vitals records is the records that states when and where you were born. Health statistics tells about your health records, such as your vaccinations.

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What are health care statistics?

Health statistics and data are important because they measure a wide range of health indicators for a community. A community can be the entire United States, a region, state, county, or city. Health data provide comparisons for clinical studies, can be used to assess costs of health care, can help identify needed prevention targets for such programs as Healthy People 2010, and are important for program planning and evaluation by finding a baseline against which to measure in the evaluation phase.

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1.1 Identify legislation relating to general health and safety in health and social care settings.

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Identify at least three credible and authoritative sources for health and safety information which can be used in for an early childhood setting and explains how they can be used to inform practice?

ewtwetgw etn aerhraehrth rth

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What is the role of health risk appraisal in health promotion and disease prevention?

Health risk appraisals aim to identify unhealthy lifestyle practices and positive health behaviors in order to identify areas for health improvement.