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the answer should be 1-10000000

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Q: If 1+1=2 then to work out 2+2 you would need to divide the amount of milk you have in the fridge and then times it by the number of times you have seen a rainbow and finally you'd need to work out how many Colours you can smell with your hands?
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Why does rainbows have many colors?

Rainbow is made from refraction & total internal reflection of light of the sun. The light of sun is white, which is combination of 7 colours. When rainbow occoures, white light is divide into all these colours. That's why rainbows have many colours.

What are some prisms?

Prisms are objects that divide the colours of the rainbow. Some prisms are Triangular, Rectangular and etc.

What forms the colors of the rainbow?

The colours of a rainbow are in fact a continuum, which we divide into separate bands for our descriptive convenience. The cones in our eyes are the place where the wavelengths of light are converted into colour - for colour is a human reaction to that stimulus.

How do you draw a comic?

First divide your paper into different sizes and shape. Start by drawing the sketch, the drawing, details and finally the shading. Draw the speech bubbles and write the words. Finally, add colours.

How do they measure the number of mosquitoes a bat eats?

they weigh a bat then weigh a mosquito and finally you divide abat way the amount a mosquito ways with how much a bat weighs

What does music and the rainbow have to do with each other?

The rainbow is a continuous spectrum of light but we arbitrarily break it up into seven colours - red - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - violet. Similarly, although the frequency of sound is continuous, we also arbitrarily divide the interval over which the frequency doubles into seven notes: do - ray - me - far - so - la - te Interestingly, this is culturally based. In China, the rainbow is described as only five colours and similarly, Chinese music is mainly based on a pentatonic (five note) scale.

How do you turn joules into kj per mole?

Divide by the amount of moles it took to create the amount of joules, and divide by 1000.

How do you multiply consecutive numbers?

you divide and divide again then multiply then add then subtract then finally get the root

What will happen when you finally divide a single molecule of salt?

Still salt because a molecule is the smalllest possible amount of any substance that is still that substance.

How many Skittles would it take to make a rainbow?

You would have to measure how long a rainbow is, and then measure the size of one skittle. Then, divide the total length of the rainbow by the size of the skittle to see how many skittles you'd need.

How do yo divide into syllables?

To divide a word into syllables you look for stress points in the word. Example, Internet In ter net. Finally you could divide the suffixes and prefixes.

How do you divide a square?

you measure one side and divide by amount needed then cut/tear.

How do you convert milligrams to centigrams?

Divide the amount of mg by ten, and you will have the amount of the cg.

If you divide a negative number by a negative number will you get a positive number?

You will end up with a positive number. With integers, if you multiply or divide an even amount of negative numbers, the answer will be positive and if you multiply or divide an odd amount, the answer will be negative.

How do you find the amount of power?

Divide by zero.

How do you make a spinning wheel?

draw a circle and divide it in how many colours you want. You then poke a stick through it

How do you work out 20 percent of an amount?

Multiply the amount by 0.2 . Or else, divide the amount by 5 .

How many years is one million minutes?

Divide the number of minutes by 60 to convert to hours, then divide the result by 24 to convert to days, and finally divide that by 365.25 to convert to years.

What do you multiply by if you want 5.05 percent of an amount?

multiply amount by 5.05 and divide by 100

How do you explain a remainder in math?

The amount left over after you divide two number that don't divide perfectly.

How do you calculate two thirds of an amount?

Mulitply by 2 and then divide by 3 (or divide by 3 and then multiply by 2).

How do you add a percent to a dollar amount?

Multiply the percent times the dollar amount, then divide by 100. Add that amount to the dollar amount. For example: Add 15% to $1500. Multiply 15x1500 to get 22500. Then divide by 100 to get 225. Add the 225 to 1500 to get $1725.

What called The amount that you want to divide up?


How is the density of a cork found?

The density of cork is found by taking L X W X H , divide that amount by 1728 divide that amount by the weight. That will give you density.

How much is 22000 pennies in dollar amount?

You divide he amount of pennies by 100 and itโ€™ll give you the dollar amount so 22000 divide by 100 is $220