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Remember the 'speed' equation

speed = distance / time

Algebraically rearrange

time = distance / speed

Substitute the numbers .

time = 840 km / 70 kmhr^.-1

Divide the number and cancel down the 'km'.

time = 12 hrs.

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Q: If a car travels 840km between Mackay and Port Douglas at an average speed of 70km/h, how long will the trip take?
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How far is it from Port Douglas to Mackay?

From Port Douglas to Mackay is a distance of about 800 km. The trip takes between ten and ten and a half hours.

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The driving distance between Airlie Beach and Mackay is 149km. It is about a two-hour drive.

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How many km from Mackay to Airlie Beach Qld?

The driving distance between Airlie Beach and Mackay is 149km. It is about a two-hour drive.

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The road distance between Mackay and Bundaberg is 623 km. Ttavel time is around 7.5 hours.

What is driving distance between Rockhampton and Mackay?

336 km

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The address of the Mackay District is: 320 Capitol Ave, Mackay, 83251 0355

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