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Q: If PRQ is the straight line, find the number of degrees in angle w?
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How can you find out which angle is supplementary?

the angle on a straight line is 180 degrees, the angle of semicircle at centre is 180 degrees

How do you find the unknown angle of a straight line?

With the protracter, its 180 degrees!!

If one interior angle is 165 degrees find the number of sides of the polygon?

If one interior angle is 165 degrees, find the number of sides of the polygon.

How do you find the measure of the exterior angle of a polygon?

180 minus interior angle = exterior angle because there are 180 degrees on a straight line

Where do you find a straight angle?

you find a straight angle across ur curtains

What is the measure of an angle supplementary to an angle that measures 101 degrees?

Supplementary angles are angles that add up to 180 degrees, ie. a straight angle. Therefore, the angle supplementary to 101 degrees would be 180-101=79 degrees.

How do you find the angle of a decagon?

Find any straight side of the decagon. Move along it until it joins another side. That is where an angle is. An angle of a decagon can have any measure between 0 and 360 degrees (except 180 degrees).

Find the reference angle for the angle 59 degrees?

90 degrees

What is the measure of each exterior angle of a 24 sided polygon?

to find the the exterior angle, divide 360 degrees by the number of sides. so the answer is 15 degrees.

If two angles of a triangle are complementary find the number of degrees in the third angle?


How do you find the exteror angle of a regular polygon?

By dividing the number of its sides into 360 degrees

Find the measure of angle abd if the measure of angle dbc is 16 degrees and the measure of angle abc is 89 degrees?

The measurement of angle ABD is 73 degrees. You find this angle by subtracting angle DBC from angle ABC, or 89-16 is equal to 73 degrees.

If Angle A equals 83 degrees and angle B equals 15 degrees find angle C?

82 degrees (180 degrees in a triangle)

What is the supplement of an 82 degrees angle?

the supplement of an 82 degrees angle would be 98 degrees. To find the supplement of an angle, take the degrees of the angle you were given and subtract it from 180.

Find the complement of a angle?

Subtract the angle from 90 degrees and you have the complement Subtract the angle from 180 degrees and you have the supplement

What is the measure of the interior angle if its exterior angle is 140 degrees?

40 degress because a straight line is 180 degrees and an interior angle with its exterioir angle is a line spilt in half so to find the interior/exterior angle, taek 180 and subtract the interior/ exterior angle and then you will get the the other angle, sorry this is kinda conufsing!

How can you find the angle of regular number?

A number does not correspond to an angle. A number is a unitless measure whereas angles can be measured in at least two different sets of units: degrees or radians.

Find the measurement of an obtuse angle in degrees?

179 degrees

The complement of an angle is three times the measurement of the angle. Find the measurement of the larger angle.?

67.5 degrees

What is the formula for finding the measure of an interior angle in a regular polygon?

The exterior angles of any polygon add up to 360 degrees. So divide the amount of sides into 360 degrees and subtract your answer from 180 degrees to find the interior angle (180 degrees on a straight line)

If the measure of one interior angle of a regular polygon is 140 degrees how many sides does the polygon have?

Since interior angle+exterior angle=180 degrees We can find out the exterior angle by doing 180-140=40 degrees. To find out the number of sides we simply do 360/40=9 So the polygon has 9 sides.

Measure of an exterior angle of a 12-gon?

To find an exterior angle of a regular 12-gon, use the formula to find the total sum of all the angles first: total sum of all angles = (n-2)*180where 'n' is the number of sides, or 12.By solving, you will find that the total sum of all angles is 1800 degrees, so since it is a regular polygon, you can divide by 12 to find the measure of each interior angle, which is 150 degrees.Once you know the measure of the interior angles, since an exterior angle is the supplement of an interior angle, subtract 150 degrees from 180 degrees (the measure of a straight line) to find the exterior angles, which will be 30 degrees.

How do you find an acute angle?

To find an acute angle you need to find out if it is less than 90 degrees.

A base angle of an isosceles triangle is 6 degrees more than the vertex angle. Find the vertex angle?

56 degrees

What is the use of projector?

to find the degrees of an angle