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1 rose costs 18 ÷ 15 = 1.20

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Q: If 15 roses cost 18 and 15 canaries cost 10 how much is one rose?
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How much do black roses cost?

black roses are super expensive because they are ginetically produced. there fore one black rose would cost about 50$. i know.

How much does a dozen rose bouquet typically cost?

A dozen rose bouquet usually costs around $20 depending on the quality. A high quality bouquet of roses would cost around $50 or more

What are the roses from war of the roses?

Both houses in the War of the Roses had a rose as their family crest; for the Lancasters it was a red rose, for the Yorks it was a white rose. Their combined family, the Tudors, had a white rose within a red rose.

What is the plural or plural possessive rose?

The plural of rose is roses. The plural possessive is roses'.

Type of roses?

There are many types of roses. However the most common are Red rose White rose Wild rose Peace rose :)

What was Princess Diana's favourite flowers?

White roses and water lilies.

What is rose strewn?

Strewn with roses; roses are spread about.

Are roses a plant?

No, A rose is A plant, "roses" are "plants".

What is the rose for in war of the roses?

There were two roses involved in this war. There was the red rose for the House of Lancaster, and the white rose for the House of York.

Are roses poisonous To the mouth?

No. In fact, roses can be eaten. Rose water is a delightful drink, as is rose tea.

When White roses and red roses are incompletely dominant to each other when a red rose and a white rose are crossed a pink rose is produced What is the probability of producing a white rose?


What is the Binomial name for Knockout roses?

Knockout roses are in the disease resistant rose line. Disease resistant roses come in many varieties. If you love gardening, go to my website at, and read about growing roses and much, much more.