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22/40 times 100 equals 55% of them are not white cars

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Q: If 18 out of 40 cars are white what percent are a color other than white?
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What color is mostly on cars and trucks?


What is the most popular color for new cars?

silver or white silver or white

What is the most popular color of the cars of 1955?

black and white

Why are LAPD cars Black and White?

Because people refer to them as black and whites. so what other color would they paint them?

What is the most popular color for cars in the US?

As of 12/2010 the most popular color is white.

What is the name of the white paint that changes color on cars?

two tone

Why do black cars get hotter than white cars in the sun?

Black is a much more absorbent color.

Are there any 1968 amc red white and blue color amx cars?


Why does the US Border Patrol and Park Police paint their vehicles green?

The Park Police don't have green cars. They have white cars with a blue strip. As far as Border Patrol. They do have a green strip but it is just what was picked by that agency as the color. Just like the color on any other department. The color doesn't have to have a meaning.

What is Tom Felton's favorite color?

Favorite colors: In cars: black and white; envelopes: red; clothes: gray

What percent of cars are sports cars?

Around 67.932 cars are sports cars

What is the largest number of cars you can guarantee to have the same color and option as each other if there are 100000 cars with 3 different options and 4 colors to choose from?

If you choose all cars with the same color and options, then all 100,000 cars will be the same.

Do dark colerd cars show dirt worse than white cars do?

No. I have a white S-Class and believe me, white shows way more dirt than a black. But I think it's a good color and you could always wash it.

Where can one purchase a white car?

White cars can be purchased at various car dealerships. Buying a new car one can usually choose the car's color and configuration. However it is not unlikely for a car dealership to have some used white cars available.

What is Tom Feltons favorite color?

Favorite colors: In cars: black and white; envelopes: red; clothes: gray

Which color car gets sold the most?

According to Texas's top seller of new and used car, SoloAutos, the color white is the sought after color for new as well as used cars.

The number of families with 2 cars is about how many times the number of families with 4 cars 2 cars 28 percent and 4 cars 17 percent?


What was Elvis Presley's favourite color?

He liked blue with all its shades and his best was always white, that is why at his funeral his father got white cars, because he it was his favorite.

When 2 cars are in the sun all day the black one is hotter than the one with the white one why?

The black one is darkest color of all colors and the white one is the lightest color of all colors. So, the black one is the hottest one than the white roof color.

What color are hailstorms?

Dark, stormy, ominous with white, icey junks that fall from the sky, pelting off rooftops and cars

If 23 black cars 9 red cars 17 blue cars 25 white cars and 21 silver cars how many more white and blue cars are there than sliver and red?

There are 12 more white and blue cars then there are silver and red.

What percent of Americans drive cars?

=== ===

What percent of Americans have cars?

=About 57%=

What is the most Common color of car in auto accident?

Statistics show dark color cars (Black or Blue) are more likely to be involved in an accident than a light color car (White or Yellow)

33 rail cars is what percent of 44 rail cars?

75% of 44 rail cars.