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Either 2 quarters 2 pennies or 2 quarters, a penny and a nickel.

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2009-10-21 23:54:11
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Q: If 4 coins are worth more than 50 cents and less than 60 cents what could they be?
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How much is a 1963D penny mint condition worth?

Most uncirculated coins are less than 25 cents.

Is the 1985 nederland dime worth anything?

Only a few cents. These coins were withdrawn from circulation when the EU adopted the euro as it currency in 2002. In any case the denomination is in Dutch cents which were worth less than U.S. cents even when they circulated.

How much is a 1955d penny worth?

The 1955-D Lincoln cent is a very common coin. Circulated coins are 3 to 10 cents. Most uncirculated coins are less than $1.

Hom much could you get for 1995 coins?

Unless they are uncirculated or proof coins, any standard cents, nickels, etc. that are less than about 40 years old will be worth only face value. If you check your pocket change it will be clear that there is nothing special to coins that are 10 or 15 years old.

What is a coin worth?

Coins are worth all different amounts. Examples: Quarter-25 cents Dime- 10 cents nickel-5 cents Mexican 10 peso coin - 10 pesos, which is a little less than a dollar Peruvian 1 Nuevo Sol coin - 1 nuevo sol, which is about $0.30 Some coins are not worth the same as their face value. If a coin is very old or very rare, it may be worth more than its face value. If a coin has become devalued, it may be worth less compared to other currencies or goods.

What happened when the roman government put less gold in its coins in the Ad's?

Since they less gold in to coins they were worth less then they were before

Are coins worth less in a proof set?

Coins in proof sets are generally worth a bit more than coins used in general circulation.

What happened when the Roman Government put less gold in its coins in the AD 200s?

Since they less gold in to coins they were worth less then they were before

What 4 coins equal 75 cents?

Their is no possible way to get 75 cents with four coins

Why are San Francisco coins worth more?

It is worth more since less are made :)

Fleer 94 chipper Jones?

Is worth 25 cents or less.

Jordie has 5 of the same coins.He has less than30 cents . how much money could have?

He could have 5 cents.

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