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Volume of cube: 3*3*3 = 27 cubic inches

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Q: If A cube is 3 inches on all four sides what is the volume of the cube in inches?
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What is a volume of a cube whose side measure 4 inches?

The volume of a cube whose sides measure four inches is: 64 cubic inches.

If a cube measure four inches on all of it sides what is the volume of the cube in inches?

43=4*4*4=64 cubic inches

What will happen to the volume of a cube if the length of its edges is reduce to half Is the volume get reduce if yes how much?

Try it out. A cube with four-inch sides has a volume of 64 cubic inches. A cube with two-inch sides has a volume of 8 cubic inches. That's eight times less.

If the dimensions of a 2-inch cube are doubled what is the volume of the new cube?

If you double a 2-inch cube to a four-inch cube, its volume increases from eight cubic inches to 64 cubic inches.

When finding the volume of a cube you multiply all four sides?

Volume= Length x Width x Height

Why is a cube a polygon?

It is because a cube has four sides and four angles polygons have four sides and four angles.

How many sides does a cube and rectangle have?

cube has 6 sides and a rectangle has four sides

What shape has four square coRners n four sides?

a square or a rectangle as the length of the sides has not been defined, if the 4 sides must be equal then it is just a square

How many adjacent sides do a cube have?

Each of its 6 sides is adjacent - to four other sides.

How many planes are in a cube?

A cube has six plane surfaces -- top, bottom, and four sides.

Why does a cube have 6 faces 12 edges and 8 vertices?

because that is how we define a cube, it has four sides, a top and a bottom = 6 sides.

What is the volume of a cube of side four cm?

Every side will be equal on a cube. The volume of a cube is width x length x height4x4x4 = 43 = 64 cm3