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Q: If F(x) 3x plus 2 and G(x) x2 plus 4 what is F(G(x))?
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Let fx x2 and gx 3x 8 Determine all values of x such that fgx gfx?

The values of x such as fgx= gfx is math. It comes down to finding the value of the letter X.

How do you graph fx-x-1 3 gx-x-2 and hx -3x-1?

graph G(x)=[x]-1

What is the area bounded by the graphs of fx and gx where fx equals xcubed and gx equals 2x-xsquared?


Explain how the graph of fx ln x be used to graph the function gx ex -1?

graph gx is the reflection of graph fx and then transformed 1 unit down

When gx and fgx are known how do you find fx where fx gx are functions of x and fgx is a function of gx?

Since g(x) is known, it helps a lot to find f(x). f(g(x)) is a new function composed by substituting x in f with g(x). For example, if g(x) = 2x + 1 and f(g(x)) = 4x2+ 4x + 1 then you you recognize that this is the square of the binomial 2x + 1, so that f(g(x)) = (f o g)(x) = h(x) = (2x + 1)2, meaning that f(x) = x2. if you have a specific example, it will be nice, because there are different ways (based on observation and intuition) to decompose a function and write it as a composite of two other functions.

What is the transformation from the parent function fx equal x to g when gx equal x plus 21?

at first draw the graph of fx, then shift the graph along -ve x-axis 21 unit

What describes the graph of gx equals -3x plus 5?

A straight line, passing through the point (0,5) with a gradient of -3.

2.If fx 12x and gx 3 x find and simplify the defining equation of the composition function f circle g.?

The composite function f of g is also expressed as f(g(x)). In this case, it would be 12(3x), or 36x.

Does f-gx equals g-fx?

Yes, the integral of gx dx is g integral x dx. In this case, g is unrelated to x, so it can be treated as constant and pulled outside of the integration.

Use the the following functions to solve fx x2 x 1 gx 5 - 2x hx -x2 goh2?


If hx equals f o g x and hx equals sqrt x plus 5 find gx if fx equals sqrt x plus 2?

g(x) = x + 3 Then f o g (x) = f(g(x)) = f(x + 3) = sqrt[(x+3) + 2] = sqrt(x + 5)

Is there a website where you can Yu-Gi-Oh GX other than YouTube?

Hulu or Hulu Plus.