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When dealing with square units (square meters, square feet, square inches, etc.) it is usually a problem that involves calculating area. You calculate the area by multiplying length by width. Before we do that, however, since you wish the answer in meters (m) not millimeters (mm) we should convert each measurement into meters. Luckily, it is easy to convert millimeters into meters. There are 1,000 millimeters in a meter (remember that "milli-" is Latin for one thousand). So if the length and width of one tile is 450mm: 450mm/X = 1000mm/1m 450/1000 = X .45 = X (Each tile has a length of .45 meters and a width of .45 meters) Now use the formula to calculate area: Area of One Tile = Length * Width Area of One Tile = .45m * .45m Area of One Tile = .2025m2 (.2025 square meters) You wish to find the area of 420 tiles, so assuming no gaps between the tiles we can take the area of one tile and multiply it by the number of tiles. In this case: .2025m2 * 420 = 85.05 square meters.

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Q: If I have Tiles 450mm by 450mm x420 of them what will it be in square meterage?
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