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It depends on the shape of the acre. It could be a very long thin rectangle.

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Q: If I walk the perimeter of one acre how many miles did I walk?
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If you Walk perimeter of 3 acres equals how many miles walked?

You will have walked about 10.92 miles in perimeter. * * * * * That is a total rubbish answer. An area does not and cannot define a perimeter. An area of 3 acres can comprise an extremely thin strip stretching millions of miles. So the perimeter would also run to millions of miles. And if the strip was thinner, it could be billions of miles or trillions, etc.

How many square miles make up one mile?

The perimeter of a square mile would be a four mile walk.

How many miles is it if you walk 25 million acres?

An acre is a unit of area, while a mile is a unit of length, you can not equate these two units.

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How many times do you have to walk around a 6 acre square to be a mile?

Since the perimeter of this square is 2,045 feet and there are 5,280 feet in one mile, you would have to walk around the square about 2.58 times before you reached one mile. (5280 / 2045 = about 2.58)

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If the Indigenous peoples could walk 8 miles in one day, how many miles could they possibly walk in 8 days?

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3.8 miles = 611550.72 cm.

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