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Q: If John buys for a 1000 bond that pays 6 percent annual interest at 75 What is John's annual yield?
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What is John's annual yield when John buys a 1000 bond that pays 6 percent annual interest at 75?


If the daily interest rate is 3.50 percent what is the annual interest rate?

3.5% interest compounded daily is equivalent to 3.562% annual yield.(It can't possibly be 3.5% daily. That would compound to 28,394,072% in a year.)

What is current yield on a bond that the return is 10 percent with a 1000 par value bond with a 10 percent annual coupon and the bond pays interest annual and there are 3 years remaining?


What is the true annual rate of interest charged?

The true annual rate of charged interest is called the annual percentage yield. It is the interest charged and compounded against.

What type of interest rate can you expect from a high yield savings account?

Interest rates vary depending on the bank the savings account is in. For a high yield savings account, interest rates can be from 0.95-3.0% annual percentage yield.

How can you find out own annual percentage yield online?

An annual percentage yield enables one to find out how much interest a set amount of money is earning in interest per year. Many banks and other financial institutions include an interest calculator on their websites.

The current yield on a bond is equal to?

Annual interest divided by the current market price

Which Canadian banks offer high interest checking accounts?

Schwab Bank is one of the highest Canadian banks that offer high interest checking accounts. As of March 13, 2013, their annual percentage yield is 0.10 percent.

Distinguish between current yield an yield to maturity of a fixed income security how are these yields calculated?

Current yield is equal to the annual interest payment divided by the market price. It is the actual yield an investor will receive (instead of what is stated). For example, if a bond has a stated rate of 5 percent, but is selling below par, the investor would receive more than a 5 percent return. If the bond is selling above par, the current yield is actually less than 5 percent. Yield to maturity is the total return an investor will receive if the security is held until the maturity date, which is all of the annual interest payments and the difference between the original price and the principal you will receive at maturity. This formula is much more complicated but there are websites that will do it for you. Try which has a calculator for the current yield and YTM.

How much interest does 4 percent of 265000.00 yield yearly?

4% of 265K is 10600.00

What investment is necessary for a yield of $500 per month at 6 percent interest?


The what percent is found by dividing the annual per share dividend by the closing price per share?