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If you mean 8 and 6 then 8 is greater than 6

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Q: If One eight is greater than one six?
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Is one-fourth greater than one-eight?

Yes, one-fourth is greater than one-eighth

Which is greater one eight or one twelve?

1/8 is greater than 1/12

Is one over eight greater than one over four?


Is one fourth of twelve greater than one fourth of eight?

Yes, because one fourth of 12 is actually 3 and one fourth of 8 is 2 so one fourth of 12 is greater than one fourth of eight. DN

Is one fourth greater than eight tenths?


Is eight greater than negative one?

almost always.

Is one fourth is less than one eight?

No because 1/4 is greater than 1/8

Is one and one fifths greater than eight fifths?

No because eight fifths would become 1 and 3 fifths

Is five eight greater then one half?

Yes. 5 of 8 is greater than 4 of 8.

Is three sevenths greater than eight over twenty one?


What is bigger seventy five one hundreds or eight tenths?

75 one hundreds is 7500. 75 one hundredths is 0.75 The first is greater, the second is less than eight tenths.

What is bigger seventy five one hundreds or eight tenths or are they equal?

75 one hundreds is 7500. 75 one hundredths is 0.75 The first is greater, the second is less than eight tenths.

What is greater 2 and one half yd or eight feet?

Eight feet is greater.

Why is one eight greater than one ten but less than one third?

To compare the fraction, convert them all to a common denominator. In this case, 120 is a common denominator. Once you compare those, you'll quickly see which fraction is greater and which is smaller.

What is greater eight fifteenths or one half?

8/15 would be more than one half because 7.5 is half of fifteen

Is one greater than zero?

Yes, one is greater than zero.

What are numbers greater than one called?

numbers greater than one!

What symbol completes the statement three over eight one over four?

"is greater than" >

Is one fourths greater than 0.21?

Is one fourths greater than 0.21

What is the probability of tossing an eight sided dice with numbers one through eight and getting an even number greater than or equal to four?

It is 0.375

Is one twelfth bigger than one eighth?


Is one fourth of tweleve greater then one fourth of eight?

yes :)

Is tenths greater than hundredths?

It depends on how many you have. One tenth is greater than one hundredth, but fifty hundredths is greater than two tenths.

What is an example of the product of a decimal greater than one and a decimal less than one is greater than one?

2.4 * 0.9 = 2.16

Why are decimals less than one greater than 1?

If a decimal is less than one, it cannot be greater than one.