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The ground wire must remain connected to the box. The frame of the switch, and therefore also the screws, must remain connected to the box as well.

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Q: If Replacing light switch old one has ground new one does not do you have to use the ground wire?
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How do you install a dimmer to a light installed with W wire B wire and ground W running into the switch box if the switch box has power from B wire W wire and ground?

If you have one wire into your switch box for your light. this is called a switch leg, the dimmer should be wired across the black and white wire wires.

Where does the white wire from the brake light switch on a 1998 s10 go?

Are you sure its not a ground wire?

Why is there continuity between ground and the hot wire on a light switch?

There isn't, unless you have a damaged switch.

Light switch has 4 wire colors red and white and green and black which is the hot wire?

You have a 3 way switch. Your black wire is the hot wire. Your green wire is the ground wire. Your red and white wires go to the light and other switch. You should have gotten a wiring diagram with your switch.

How do you connect multiple lights to one switch starting at the light?

You put switch in series with the black supply wire and the black wire to the first light. Then connect black wire of first light to black wire of second light, black wire of second light to third light and so forth. Do the same with the white wires and ground wires.

How do you install utility light on tractor?

You will come off the battery + side with a wire to a fuse, from the fuse to a switch, switch to the light, the other wire from the light goes to ground. Protect the wire from the battery all the way to the light for wear. If you have trouble, or need more info let me know.

Is there a danger if you mix up ground wire and common wire when wiring a light switch?

Power out of a switch is not negative. It is still the "hot" conductor. The ground wire in a switch junction box in home wiring is the bare wire. It is nearly impossible to mix these two wires up. Most likely if the "hot" supply comes into the switch box the neutral wire will be with it. Just wire nut the two white wires together, incoming and outgoing. The two black wires will be connected to the switch to operate the light fixture.

What would make your brake lights go out when the fuses and bulbs are good?

It could be the ground wire, the brake light switch, a damaged wire or connector or the turn signal switch.

What should the reading at the light switch be when the switch and the light fixture is removed. I had a dimmer switch on that light it went out I checked the volts at the switch they were about 14?

On the "hot"wire that comes from the breaker panel the voltage should be from 115 to 120 volts. This is taken from the "hot" wire to either the neutral or the ground wire. If its not then you have a breaker problem or you are on the wrong scale of the test meter.

Fan switch on a Honda rincon?

One can easily be installed. Locate the wire that runs to the water temp sensor. Splice this wire to a switch and then off to a ground. When you flip the switch it will ground the wire and make the fan come on. Do not get confused with the oil temp sensor. It controls the HOT oil light, not the fan.

Can you replace an old no ground single switch with a three way switch?

A three way switch can be used as a single switch. Replacing this switch will not allow you to switch a fixture from two locations unless there is a three wire cable going to the second box.

How do you wire a light to a switch at the end of a run and which controls an outlet?

Bring power into the light switch box 12/2 or 14/2 wire depending on the existing wire. Make sure you use the exactly same size wire that is used on that circuit. If you do not know look at the breaker in the main panel that controls power to that circuit. 20 amp will be 12/2 wire and 15 amp will be 14/2 wire. Now run another wire from the switch box out to the outlet. Inside the switch box, strip both white wires back 3/4" and connect them together under a wire nut and push this back into the box. Connect the 2 ground wires together and then connect that to the ground screw on the switch. You now have 2 black wires left. Connect them to the 2 screws on the light switch. Does not matter which black wire you connect to which screw. At the outlet connect the ground wire to the green ground screw, black wire to copper screw, and white wire to silver screw. That outlet will now be controlled by the light switch.