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fill the 7 gallon bucket, dump it into the 5 gallon bucket and save the remaining 2 gallons, repeat and you have 4 gallons.

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Q: If You need 4 gallons but only have 5 gallon and 7 gallon buckets how do you get 4 gallons?
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How many Gallons can you get from a gallon of water?

If you have a gallon, you only can have one gallon.

How many gallons in a gallon?

Only 1.

How much water does a cow need to make a gallon of milk?

To drink, only three or four gallons.

I have a bucket of water that holds 4 gallons of water and another that holds 7 gallons of water. The buckets have no markings. How can I go to the well and bring back exactly 5 gallons of water?

# Start with empty buckets, and carry them to the well. # (Note that the larger is the 7-gallon bucket, and the smaller is the 4-gallon bucket.) # Fill the 4-gallon bucket with water to the top. # Empty all the water from the 4-gallon bucket into the 7-gallon bucket. # (Note that there is room in the 7-gallon bucket for exactly 3 more gallons.) # Fill the 4-gallon bucket again. # Pour from the 4-gallon bucket into the 7-gallon bucket all the water that will fit, spilling none. # (Note that since there was room for only 3 more gallons in the 7-gallon bucket, you now have 1 gallon left in the 4-gallon bucket.) # Dump out all the water from the 7-gallon bucket. (Pour it back into the well or onto some flowers so it's not wasted.) # Pour the 1 gallon of water that remains in the 4-gallon bucket into the empty 7-gallon bucket. # Refill the 4-gallon bucket completely. # Pour all the 4 gallons from the 4-gallon bucket into the 7-gallon bucket. # (Note that since the 7-gallon bucket had 1 gallon already and you added 4 gallons, you now have 5 gallons of water in the 7-gallon bucket!) # Bring back your 7-gallon bucket that's holding exactly 5 gallons of water. (Bring your 4-gallon bucket back too, in case you want to play again!)

If you had a 5 gallon bucket and a 3 gallon bucket how would you get 4 gallons?

you fill the 3 gallon bucket into the 5 gallon bucket twice 2 *3 6 gallons but the 5 gallon will only overflow once it hits 5 gallons. You get the 1 gallon half in the 3 gallon bucket and dump the water out of the 5 gallon bucket. You pour the 1 gallon left from the 3 gallon bucket into the 5 gallon bucket and then refill the 3 gallon bucket and put the 3 gallons in making 4 gallons.

How can you measure exactly 5 gallons only using 2 containers that are 3 gallons and 4 gallons?

1. Completely fill the 4 gallon container. 2. Pour 3 of the 4 gallons into the 3 gallon container, leaving 1 gallon in the 4 gallon container. 3. Empty the 3 gallon container and pour the 1 remaining gallon from the 4 gallon container into the 3 gallon container. 4. Fill the 4 gallon container. Now you have a total of 5 gallons, 4 in the 4 gallon container and 1 in the 3 gallon.

How many 1 gallon buckets to drain lockness lake?

Only one, if you're willing to keep at it and finish the job.

How liters to 1gallon?

One gallon is 3.79 liters, and one liter is is 0.26 gallons. If you only need to calculate it approximately then just remember there are just under four liters in a gallon.

How many gallons of gas does a 1983 Cadillac Brougham hold?

They have a 25 gallon tank, but can only hold 23.75 gallons (gas tanks need 5% of their capacity for vapor expansion)

How many 3 gal are 8qt?

8 quarts is equal to 2 gallons only.1 gallon = 4 quarts3 gallons = 3 gallons * 4 quarts/1 gallon = 12 quarts8 quarts = 8 quarts * 1 gallon/4 quarts = 2 gallons

How many times does 5 L go into a gallon?

a gallon is only 3.78 liters therefore 5 l is only 0.75 gallons

10-gallon drum with 8-gallon's of oil in it you want to share it with your friend but you only have a 5-gallon drum and a 3-gallon drum how do you share it exactly?

You pour four gallons into the five gallon drum, and take the ten gallon drum with the other four gallons of oil in that.

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