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A meter stick is 100cm, therefore 20 pencils would fit on a meter stick.

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Q: If a Pencil is 5cm long how many times would it fit on a meter stick?
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Is a pencil a meter?

It would have to be a huge pencil. One meter equals about 39 inches.

Would you measure a pencil by meter or centimeter?


How many termites would fit on a meter stick?

How many termites will fit on a meter stick

Would you measure a basketball court with a yard stick or meter stick why?

You could measure it with either a yard stick or meter stick. If you want to measure the basketball court in metric units, then you would use the meter stick. If you want to measure the basketball court in English units, you would use the yard stick.

What is the smallest. Unit of measurement On a Meter stick and how many are There In a meter stick?

On a normal metre stick a centimetre, of which you would have 100.

Is the length of a pencil a centimeter or meter?

You would measure it in centimeters.

Would it be better to use a meter stick or ruler to measure the drop and bounce height of a ball?

Meter stick.

What quantity does a meter stick measure?

A meter stick would measure an object in either centimeters or millimeters. One meter is equal to 100 cm or 1000mm.

Would you use a meter stick to measure a chalk board?

Duha yes you would use a meter stik.

How many centimeters would be shown on the meter stick?


What would you use to measure the length of a playground?

a meter stick

What if you was measuring with meters what instrument would you use?

Meter stick

What would you use to find the mass of a person?

meter stick

Which one would you use to measure a fence a yard stick or a meter stick?

on which unit you usually practicing.

What would a scientist use for to measure the length of a fish?

a meter stick.

If a pencil is nineteen centimeters Long how many pencils will it take to make a meter?

there are 100 cetimeters in a meter so if the pencil is 20 centimeter long it would take 5 pencils to make a meter now as far as concern with the 19 centimeters of pencil i will say the question is not asked in a right way.

What instrument measures the length of a pendulum?

A ruler, tape measure, yard stick, or meter stick would be ideal.

How many milliliters would you find on a meter stick?

None. Milliliters is a measurement of liquid, meaning 1/1000 of a liter. However, there are 1000 milli-meters on a meter stick.

Is the lenght of a pencil greater than or less than 1 meter?

oh my goodness yes of course the length of a pencil is way smaller than 1 meter get a ruler and you may see if it's over 100 cm it over 1 meter if it's @ 100cm it's 1 meter so it would actually depend on what type of pencil you talking about an dit's measurements and measurer fyi( for your info) 100 cm =1 meter

How would you find the middle of a stick?

Measure the length of the stick and divide that number by 2. For example: If the length of the stick is measured to be 2 meters, then 2 meters / 2 = 1 meter. The middle of the stick can be located by measuring 1 meter from either end of the stick towards the center (middle) of the stick.

How many pennies can be laid edge to edge along the full length of a meter stick?

The American penny is 19 millimeters in diameter, and a meter stick is 1,000 if we divide 1000 by 19, we find that 52.63 pennies would run the length of a meter stick.

Where would 32 cm be on a meter stick that is not marked?

About 1/3 of the length of it.

How many millimeters would be shown on the meter stick?

There are 1000 millimetres in a metre.

How long is a 25 meter stick in inches?

I would be greatly surprised if you ever found a 25 metre stick. It would be 984.25 inches long!

How long would a meter stick appear if it were traveling at 99.5 the speed of light but with its length perpendicular to its direction of motion?

The relativistic contraction only involves the dimension parallel to the directionof motion. Your meter stick would appear strangely skinny, but still 1 meter long.