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First of all, if a batter gets 56 hits out of 100 at bats he is batting .560! Rock on!!

This means 11/25 or 44% of the time, he did not get a hit.

(Remember that in realistic situation, figuring this would be much more complex. Some events while batting, such as a walk or a sacrifice, do not count as an at bat, where an error actually counts as an at bat without a hit.

If a player came to the plate 5 times in a game and went: 1B, Error at 3rd reaching safely, Sacrifice Fly, Walk, Strike out; that player would would not be 2 for 5, but actually 1 for 3)

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Q: If a baseball player got 56 hits out of 100 at bats what fraction and percentage of times at bat did the player not get a hit?
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