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Volume = WxHxL




900/15=60cm long

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Q: If a box has a volume of 900 cubic centimeters and its width is 3 centimeters and its height is 5 centimeters what is its length?
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What is the volume of a box of centimeters in cubic centimeters?

Length x Breadth x Height of the box

What is the volume of a box if the height is 150 centimeters the length is 40 centimeters and the width is 20 centimeters?

Volume = length x width x height. 40 cm x 20 cm x 150 cm = 120,000 cm3 or cc (cubic centimeters). Volume = Length x Width x Height. Hence, 40x20x150 = 120,000 cubic cm

What is the volume of a rectangle in cubic centimeters?

Volume in cc = Length in cm * width in cm * height in cm.

What is the volume of each in cubic centimeters of a shoe box?

It depends on the dimensions of the shoe box. You need to measure the length, width, and height in centimeters. Then multiply the length x width x height. The result will be cubic centimeters.

If measured in centimeters the unit for volume when calculated as length x width x height is?

cubic centimeters (cm3)

What SI unit is used to measure volume?

length * width* height = volumeBasically its Cubic Centimeters !

What is the volume of a box with length 2cm width 1 and height 3cm?

6 cubic centimeters

What property of matter measured in cubic centimeters?

Volume Length x Width x height= (your answer)cm3

Convert volume to liters?

The volume of a cube of the length 10 centimeters times width 10 centimeters times height 10 centimeters is 1000 cubic centimeters and also 1 liter.

If the volume is 126 cubic centimeters and the area of base is 42 cm squared what is the height?

the rectangular prism has a volume of 126 cubic centimeters, what is the height

What is the volume of a box that is 6cmx5cmx10cm?

Volume = Length x Width x Height = (6)(5)(10) = 300 cubic centimeters

What is the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 5.3 centimeters and a height of 43.07 centimeters?

The volume is 3,800.8 cubic centimeters.

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