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Q: If a country has budget in which it spends less than it brings in it has a?
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What was the Production Budget for 30 Minutes or Less?

The Production Budget for 30 Minutes or Less was $28,000,000.

What is it called when the government spends more than it take in?

When a government spends more money in a year than it takes it, it is called a deficit. When it spends less than it takes in, it is called a surplus.

What does a nation have when it spends less than its income?

More money to spend, yay!

Definition of budget deficit?

If the revenue is less than the expenditure, a budget is said to be in deficit. A budget is divided into 3: a. Surplus budget b. Deficit budget c. Balanced budget Surplus : REVENUE greater than EXPENDITURE Deficit : REVENUE less than EXPENDITURE Balanced : REVENUE equals EXPENDITURE

How I visit the main cities of world with less budget?

To visit the main cities of the world with less budget, visit the cities during the low season.

How do you calculate percentage of budget if have budget and spent?

to workout the effective relationship its budget/spend*100 = %. Where the % is 100 or less this means you are at or under budget (on budget is the target aimed for) where the % is greater than 100 you are spend is OVER budget.

What does it mean to have a budget?

That more was spent than was earned

When your expenses are less than you budget is called?


If their is high inflation and the federal government spends less and raises taxes the government is utilizing what?

fiscal policy

How do i figure the percentage of my budget that I saved if I spent 1529.52 less?

There is insufficient information. You need to specify what your total budget was and either how much you spent or saved. You have not provided your total budget.

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