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More money to spend, yay!

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Q: What does a nation have when it spends less than its income?
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What does a nation have when it spends less then its income?

A surplus on the current account of its balance of payments (and a matching deficit on the capital account). These are not to be confused with fiscal surplus or budgetary surplus since they are concerned with only Government expenditure and Income. And the correct word is "than" not "then".

What is less developing nation?

a nation is said to be less developing if its per capita income is less than the desired amount level.i.e.Rs37000 according to the World Bank.

What is it called when the government spends more than it take in?

When a government spends more money in a year than it takes it, it is called a deficit. When it spends less than it takes in, it is called a surplus.

If a country has budget in which it spends less than it brings in it has a?


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Yes. The federal threshhold for income to become taxable is less than $12K

Is a firms comprehensive income always the same as its net income?

Is comprehensive income both greater than or less than net income or just either one

Do you have to claim income less than 1000 on federal income tax?

I don't think you do.

Is Mexico developed developing or third world?

Less developed than the US or Europe, more developed than some others.

What percentage of your income should go towards a vehicle loan?

less than 20% less than 20%

Is average household income for Mississippi greater or less than Illinois?

I think it is less than! Illinois is bigger than Mississippi.

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if your taxable income is less than $3,000 you dont have to