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Eight inches rounded to the nearest half inch is still eight inches.

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Q: If a pen is 8 inches what is the nearest half inch?
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What is the length of a ballpoint pen in inches?

That will depend on the specific pen. In general a pen is about 6-7 inches long.

How many inches is a quarter?

How many inches is a pen

Where can you find ink for a quill?

You can take some from a pen, or you can ask your nearest pen/pencil specialty store.

What is the height of a pen?

Pens are all different sizes. There is a pen that's 8 inches! Usually pens are around 4½ inches.

How many inches is a pen?

it is about 6 in

How long is a pen?

Usually about 6 inches.

What is the average size of a pen?

3 inches

can you cut a pan in half with a mask?

i meant pen

How long pen spinning pens are?

i have a spinning pen and it is 2.3 inches long but they can be different leanths

How many inches is the average ink pen?

5 inches

Im 18 and my cock increase to 7 inche when errect. Is this normal I donโ€™t think it is?

Yes!!! It is quite normal. The male pen-is, when erect, can range from ONE inch to TWELVE inches, with the mean being 7 inches. So for an 18 year old it is quite normal.

can you cut a pen in half with a mask?

No,but how can you cut it using a mask?

What is the length of a ballpoint pen?

They vary. From about 2 inches to 8 inches or more. Measure some near you.

What objects measure 2.5ย inches?

Long a pencil or pen.

What is the largest size puppy pen?

It is not clear exactly what the largest size puppy pen in the world is but the largest found online is 35 inches by 42 inches. One can purchase from retailers such as Amazon and ebay.

What age wears size 5?

my age 42 years but my pen size is 5 inches iwant increase pen size

How do you put a spring loaded pen together?

First, drop the little spring down into the bottom of the lower half of the pen. Then insert the ink stem, then screw on the top half and it's ready to write with.

Is a 6.3 inch penis the a good size for a 13 year old?

I had the same size when I was 13 and chances are your pens will definitely still grow, So chances are if you are 6.3 inches at 13 i'd say that you'll have a pretty big pens when you are fully grown:).

What object is about 6 inches long?

it is a pen

What is the length of the pen to the nearest tenth of a centimeter?

Pens vary considerably in size so there is no simple answer.

How far is the pitchers mound to the catcher in the bull pen?

60 feet 6 inches

How do you write leave application half day?

Type your answer here... by pen and pencil

How do you write half day leave application?

Type your answer here... by pen and pencil

Is Pen Island a real place?

It's a site that sells lots of great, high quality pens. Over half of my collection of pens is from pen island!

How much sand to cover a round pen 60 feet in diameter with 8 inches of sand?

First, Convert all numbers to yards. 60 feet = 19.9 (rounded to 20) yards. 8 inches = .21 yards. Then, its straight math. The volume of a cylinder (or the volume of sand in an 8 inch by 60 foot round pen), = (3.14) x radius of the circle, squared, or (10 x 10) x height (.21).The answer to your question is : 65.9 cubic yards of sand.That said, I think that is probably more sand than you need in a round pen. I probably would go with about 3-4 inches. Just a thought. Good luck.