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These off-metal planchet errors are generally worth $100 to $200, depending on condition. You probably should get it certified and encapsulated, to ensure exactly what you have, and to make selling it easier. Check out the ANACS website to see if they will be attending any upcoming coin shows in your area, where you can take the coin for a free professional appraisal and submit it for certification :

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Q: If a penny was printed on a dime and you can barely see the dime imprint under the penny imprint is it worth anything?
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If a penny was printed on a dime and you can barely see the dime imprint under the penny and the dime is the exact size of a penny is it worth anything?

The value to a collector depends on the coin's condition. Show it to a coin dealer.

Is A wheat penny printed on a dime worth anything?

roughly 1,500$.

How much is a penny so old you can barely see Abraham Lincoln?

It's still woth a penny

What can you buy with a penny?

Anything that costs a penny.

Who is on the penny black stamp?

Queen Victoria who was the Queen of England when the first Penny Black stamp was printed in 1840.

1862 penny value?

1862 penny worth anything

What is the value of a Canadian 1994 dime printed as a penny?

The dime couldn't have been printed as a penny. Different productions and not connected during the minting process. Sounds like your coin is a damaged one.

What is a 1989 1 cent penny from Canada worth with elizabeh the 2 printed on the back?

One cent. It's a common circulation coin. Please note - "penny" is simply slang for a cent, so a "one cent penny" is a bit like saying "a round circle". Also, coins are struck or minted, not printed. Paper bills are printed.

If Bill needs a penny andyou have a penny should you give him the penny?

If Bill wants the penny and you don't need it for anything , then i think you should give him the Penny :)

Are Penny insurance policies worth anything?

information re penny insurance

Is a 1974 penny with a gold color and a Utah state on it worth anything?

If it is a penny, then it has to be.

Is a 1986 penny with a D on it worth anything?

It's just a penny, spend it.

Is a 1972 d penny worth anything?

Sorry, but it's just a penny.

How much is a1943 penny worth with the s imprint?

It's worth about 10 cents in worn condition and up to $3 in uncirculated condition.

Penny that the back part is missing is it worth anything?

If the back of the penny is just blank, this penny can be worth a fortune. Have the penny appraised at a coin dealer.

What was printed on the first picture stamp?

The One Penny Black had a silhouette of Queen Victoria on it.

Is a 1981 Australian penny worth anything?

The last Australian Penny was minted in 1964.

Is a 1960 Denver minted penny with small print worth anything more than a penny?

I also have on and I also wonder if mine is worth anything

What is the value of a penny with Lincoln printed on both sides and on one side is printed 1985 the other side is printed 1986?

The same as every other double headed or double tailed coin you find. It's a novelty item made privately and sold as a "magician's coin". They cost a few bucks in a novelty shop but are not worth anything to a coin collector.

What is the value of a 1975 penny not printed in a complete circle?

Error coins need to be seen, take it to a collector or dealer. NOTE: coins are struck, not printed.

Is a 1971 penny with a heart and says I love you worth anything?

A dollar

Is a 1881 one penny coin worth anything?

The 1881 one penny coin can be worth from $6.00 to $50.00 depending on the condition of the one penny coin.

What is the most valuable wheat leaf penny?

are u talking bout what a penny can buy in most states a penny can not buy anything itself

What is the value of a Charles II 1672 silver coin?

The coin could be anything from a Penny to a Crown. I expect it is difficult to describe because the inscriptions are in Latin and barely legible. Take your coin to a reputable coin dealer for a positive identification and valuation.

1991 5 cent coin stamped on a copper?

i have a 1991 5 cent coin printed on a copper(penny