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heat will flow from the iron to the water until both are the same temperature

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Q: If a piece of iron with a temperature of 300 degrees celsius is dropped into a gallon of water with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius heat will?
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-7 degrees celsius dropped 10 degrees is?

-17 degrees Celsius.

The temperature was 20 degrees Celsius it dropped to 3 degrees to what?

um, 17 degrees C

What is the final temperature of a 3.0kg bar of gold at 99 degrees Celsius dropped into 0.22kg of water at 25 degrees celsius?

40 degree

What is the tempertaure change if it was 22 degrees celsius and dropped to -6 degrees celsius?


The temperature dropped 2 Celsius an hour for 6 hours the original temperature was 8 Celsius what was the change?

8 - 12 = -4

What would happen to the speed of sound if the air temperature dropped below 0 degrees celsius?

The speed of sound is given by the formula v = 331.5 + .6T, where T is the temperature of the air in degrees Celsius. If T were negative, then you would simply have a speed of sound less than 331.5 m/s. For example, if T = -5 degrees Celsius, thenv = 331.5 + .6*-5 = 328.5 m/sThere really isn't anything magic about an air temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. Zero degrees Celsius is the temperature at which water freezes, but nothing particularly interesting happens to _air_ at that temperature.

What would happen if the temperature dropped below -273.15 degrees Celsius?

It is absolute zero and all molecular motion stops

When was the lowest temperature recorded in Norway?

The lowest temperature that was recorded in Norway was on January 1st of 1886. Temperatures dropped to -51.4 degrees Celsius equalling -60.52 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature dropped from 6 Celsius to -5 Celsius?


How fast does water freeze at 12 degrees?

Just as soon as its temperature has dropped to 32 degrees (Fahrenheit, or 0° Celsius), and the heat of fusion has leaked out of it, it solidifies, I guarantee.

What is 2-8 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

The conversion from deg C to Deg F is 9/5(degC) + 32. I don't understand the question as posed. 2 C = 36,5 F 8 C = 46,4 F 2 C - 8 C is -6 C = 21,2 F (if it was two degrees Celsius yesterday and the temperature dropped eight degrees overnight it would now be minus six degrees Celsius or about twenty one degrees Fahrenheit)

How many degrees celsius is 73 degrees kelvin?

To convert from degrees Celsius to Kelvin, add 273.15. Therefore, 73 K is 346.15 degrees C. Incidentally, Kelvin is an absolute scale, so the term "degree" is dropped from the units.

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