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That would be an equilateral triangle.

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Q: If a triangle has three sides each measuring 5 cm What kind of triangle is it?
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What do you call a triangle with three angles each measuring 60 degrees?

Not only are all three angles the same, the sides are too.It's called an equilateral triangle.

Is it possible for a triangle to have sides with 9cm 9cm 9 cm?

Yes. It would be an equilateral triangle with three equal sides. It would also be equiangular, with three equal angles, each measuring 60 degrees.

Which type of triangle has three congruent sides and what do each measure?

An equilateral triangle has three equal sides. The angles of an equilateral triangle measure 60 degrees each, but the sides can be any length.

How many sides on each triangle how many sides in all?


Can a triangle with a 4 inch side have a 55 and 35 degree angle?

A triangle with 1 side only measuring 4 inches can have two of its angles measuring 55° and 35°. The side would be either the hypotenuse or one other other sides of a right angled triangle. NOTE : A triangle with two of the three sides measuring 4 inches cannot have one of its angles measuring 55° and one other measuring 35° as the two sides of equal length would define it as an isosceles triangle. Therefore two of its angles are equal. If the two equal angles measured 35° each, then the third angle would equal 110°. If the two equal angles measured 55° each then the third angle would equal 70°. A triangle with all three sides measuring 4 inches has all three angles measuring 60° . It is an equilateral triangle.

What must be true of the side lengths in order to build a triangle with three angles measuring 60 degrees what kind of triangle is this?

In a triangle, if all of the angles are 60 degrees, then all three sides of the triangle are equal to each other. Basically, if the angles are equal than the sides must be equal. This kind of triangle is called an equilateral triangle.

The of a triangle is each of the three points joining the sides of a triangle?

Verticy, or vertices

What is an equliateral triangle?

It is a triangle that has 3 equal sides and 3 equal interior angles each measuring 60 degrees

How are triangles and squares different?

They are both shaped differently and a triangle has three sides and a square has four sides, and a square has 4 equal right angles measuring 90 degrees each

What is the name of a three sided shape that has three unequal sides?

A congruent triangle is a triangle with all its sides being unequal to each other.

How do you divide a scalene triangle into nine triangles?

Divide each of the sides of the triangle into three. Join corresponding points on each pair of sides.

Is a triangle parallelogr am?

No, A parallelogram has four sides, with opposing sides being parallel to each other. A triangle only has three sides, none of which can be parallel to each other.

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