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A wheel 2 feet in diameter turning 10000 revolutions per hour is going, at the rim, 17.45 feet per second, or 25.6 miles per hour.

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Q: If a wheel is 2 feet in diameter and does 10000 revolutions per hour how fast is it going?
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A wheel has a diameter of 21 inches. How far does it travel if it makes 30 complete revolutions?

I need help

A wheel on a motorcycle has a diameter of 24 inches How many revolutions per minute is the wheel making if the motorcycle is traveling at 60 mph?


A bicycle wheel makes 5000 revolutions in moving 11kmWhat is the radius of the wheel?

To find the radius of the wheel, we first calculate the circumference of the wheel using the formula: Circumference = 2 * π * radius. Since the wheel travels a distance of 11 km in 5000 revolutions, each revolution covers a distance of 11 km / 5000 = 0.0022 km. The circumference of the wheel is twice the distance covered in one revolution. Thus, we have Circumference = 2 * 0.0022 km = 0.0044 km. By setting up the equation 0.0044 km = 2 * π * radius, we can solve for the radius as 0.0044 km / (2 * π) ≈ 0.0007 km, or 0.7 meters.

When wheel B turns 2 revolutions wheel A turns 5 revolutions When wheel A turns 40 revolutions how many revolutions does wheel B turn?


Surface speed of an eight inch diameter wheel at 2000 revolutions per minute?

The circumference of an 8-inch diameter wheel = d*pi = 8*pi. Each revolution will advance the wheel by one circumference, so 2000 revolutions per minute would be 2000 * 8 * pi = 1600pi feet per minute.

When wheel b turns 2 revolutions wheel a turns 5 revolutions when wheel a turns 40 revolutions how many revolutions does b turn?

Its 16

If a wagon wheel has a diameter of 70 centimeters how many revolutions would it take to travel 66 meters?

To figure out how long a revolution is you need to find the circumference of the wheel. If the diameter is 70 centimeters, then to get the circumference you multiply the diameter by pi (3.14). That equals 219.8. centimeters. Then you convert 66 meters into centimeters, and that is 6600. Then you divide 6600 by 219.8 and get 30 revolutions.

How many revolutions will a wheel make in travelling at 2 kilometers if its diameter is 700 millimeters?

If the diameter is 700 mm then the radius is 700/2 = 350mm The circumference of the circle is 2πr = 2π.350 = 2199.115 mm 1 kilometre = 1000 metres = 1000000 mm : 2km = 2000000mm Number of revolutions = distance travelled ÷ circumference of wheel. 2000000 ÷ 2199.115 = 909. 46 revolutions

The diameter of a wheel is 42 cm calculate how many revolutions it will make travelling in 13.2 m?

0.42 * 13.2=5.544

A wheel has a diameter of 12 inches. How far will the wheel travel in the next 50 revolutions?

It will travel: 50*12*pi = 1885 inches rounded to the nearest integer

When wheel B turns 2 revolutions, wheel A turns 5 revolutions. When wheel A turns 40 revolutions, gown many revolutions does wheel B turn?

40 / 5 = 8 8 * 2 = 16 Wheel B turns 16 times.

The diameter of a wheel is 6cm how many complete revolutions will the wheel make if it rolls a distance of 108pi cm?

Since it'll be rolling around the outside of the circle, the distance traveled will be in some multiple of the circumference. So, dividing the distance by the circumference will give the answer. C = πD = 6π revolutions = distance / circumference = 108π / 6π = 18 revolutions