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975 miles

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Q: If an inch on a map equals 300 miles than how many miles is it from El Paso Texas to Bismark North Dakota if the distance on a map is 3 and two thirds inches?
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One inch one a map equals 300 miles is it 3 14 inches from el pasoteaxas to bismark North Dakota how many inches would this be?

The answer is in the question! It would be 3 14 inches!

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if you go to a map with a ruler stick it should be about 3 inches. hahahaha

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On a map 13 inch equals 15 miles the distance between the two towns on a map is 3 23 inches how many miles are actually between the two towns?

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If distance between two cities on a map is 4 inches the actual distance is 60 miles what is the scale of the map?

1 inch equals 15 miles

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