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On slice will cost 1.10. Two slices will cost 2.20. Ten slices will be 11.00. Half a slice will be 0.55.

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one slice would cost 1.10

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Q: If five slices of pizza cost 5.50 how much do two slices cost Ten slices Half a slice?
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What was the Cost of a slice of pizza in 1970 nyc?

The cost of a slice pizza in 1970 is 35 cents.

How much did a slice of pizza cost in 1955?

It cost 15 cents.

How do you price a cake by the slice?

To price anything by the slice: Take the item cost as a whole and add 30%, then divide by the total number of slices. (Ex - Cake cost you $10. Add 30% = $13 divide by 12 slices and your price per slice is 1.08.)

How much did a slice of pizza cost in 1905?

two dallars or $2

What was the cost of a slice of pizza in 1973?

35 cents

How much does a slice of pizza cost in new york?


How much did a slice of pizza cost in 1933?

400 dollars

How much does a slice of pizza cost?

it is around $2.00-$5.00 most of it is on how big the slice is How big for $2.00?

How much did 1 slice of pizza cost in 1956?

15 cents

How much did a slice of pizza cost in the early 1900s?

It cost money... just a guess though.

How much did a slice of pizza cost in 1980?

A new york style pizza cost around 2.30 through 3.00 depending on the size and/or quality.

What does directly porportional mean?

It is a special kind of linear function wear the line on a graph goes straight through the origin. If x is directly proportional to y, then it means that for a value of x, y = cx, where c is some constant. For example, if a slice of pizza costs a fixed cost (say 1 dollar), then the cost of your pizza meal is directly proportional to the number of slices you order. (Cost = 1 times number of slices.)

How much slice of pizza cost 1930?

15 cents 15 cents

How much would a slice of pizza cost at Pizza Hut?

depends on the country, what kind, and whether or not tax is included. ALL PIZZA IS NOT THE SAME PRICE. remember this and feel enlightened.

How much does 1 slices of bacon cost?

As much as the place selling it charges. Most charge by weight. If I get a slice at Whole Foods, it's usually ~$1.25.

What is the cost of 1 slice of bread?

There are too may factors involved with this to give an accurate answer, but here's a way you can find out what the slice of bread you happen to have costs:Divide the cost of your loaf of bread by the number of slices in that loaf.So, if you paid $3.00 for the loaf, and it has 15 slices, then divide 3.00 by 15. In this case, each slice costs 20 cents.Use the calculator on your computer if you need to. It's probably in your Stater menu.

What was the cost of going to college in 1955?

After eating three slices of pizza, you decide to squeeze in one more piece. Your decision is an example of the economic principle called

How much does a small pizza cost?

a 12" pizza will cost you £12.99

How much did a slice of pizza cost in 1975?

a good and really large slice of pizza with the olive oil running down your arm would costin the Bronx ny 25 centsm maybe 30 cents. and worth every penny . not like these so called pizzerias in Connecticut

The pizza cost 4.80 after a 10 percent increase how much does the pizza cost now?

After a 10 percent increase, a pizza that originally cost $4.80 will now cost $5.28.

How much does a pizza cost in Mayrhofen?

In Mayrhofen a pizza cost about & euro

How much do black olives cost at a typical grocery store?

It takes 15 black olives and 18 slices of pepperoni to make a large pizza. Olives cost $1.20 per can of 24 black olives.

The pizza cost 4.80 after a 10 percent increase how much does the pizza cost now-?

A pizza that costs $4.80 will cost $5.28 after a 10 percent increase.

Use a pizza as an example for explaining how and why you must first get a common denominator?

Two friends are splitting the cost of a pizza. One of them says that she is giving 1/3 of her half to someone else. If the pizza is cut into sixths, that's easy to do.

How much does Domino's Pizza cost?

largepepperoni pizza

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