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g(x) = x + 3

Then f o g (x) = f(g(x)) = f(x + 3) = sqrt[(x+3) + 2] = sqrt(x + 5)

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Q: If hx equals f o g x and hx equals sqrt x plus 5 find gx if fx equals sqrt x plus 2?
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please elaborate your question

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I plotted it and found that it crosses the x-axis at x = -2, -1, then approx -0.77 and approx 0.434, so I factored (using long division) (x+2) and (x+1), to get 3x2 + x -1 as a factor. Using the quadratic formula gives:(-1 - sqrt(13))/6 and (-1 + sqrt(13))/6as the exact values for -0.77 & 0.434

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