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You have a 6/15 left.

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Q: If i have 15 stickers and give away 9 what fraction do i have left?
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What are two equivalent ratios to the fraction 7 over 12?

The ratio of the number of noah's stickers to the number of jacksons stikers was 12:7. after noah bought 28 stickers and jackson gave away 32 stickers, 5/7 of jacksons stickers were left. (a) how many more stickers did noah have than jackson in the begginig

Latitia had 12 marbles after she give 2 marbles to emilia she has 1012 of her marbles left. what fraction of the marbles did latitia give away?

She gave away 2/12.

Callie had 38 stickers she put 6 stickers on each of 6 pages how many stickers were left over?

2 left DUMMY!!

Jade Ellie and Daisy collected 7604 stickers during the school year. They want to divide the stickers equally. They plan to give any leftover stickers to Vanessa How many stickers would each person get?

I would give each 1 boyfriend. Then we won't have to deal with stickers anymore.

How do you remove sticky stuff left from stickers on a sign?

Nail polish remover helps for smaller stickers.

If you were left money in a will can you give it away?

If you are left money in a will then it is legally yours to do whatever you want with, including giving it away.

A girl has 3 packs of stickers if she divides the stickers evenly among 6 friends and her self how many will she have left over?


What is it when you take a whole away and there is some left over?

A fraction of a whole, or others why known as a decimal number.

If you have three apples you give two away how many do you have left?

Unless you eat it, you have one left.

You have 600 business cards and give away 280 of them to the nearest hundredth what percentage is left?

46.67% were given away, so 53.33% are left.

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What is fraction if Jose shared string candy with friends he cut it into 8 equal pieces and gave 5 away what fraction did he ave left?

3 over 8