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You will need approx 130 sq ft of tiles. Divide the tile dimension into the total to figure out the quantity. Allow for breakage/spoilage. Tile squares come in many sizes.

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Q: If i have a room that 12'6in width and 10'4 in length and I am installing 5tile. How many tiles do I need?
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What are square tiles?

They are tiles whose length is the same as their breadth.

How thick should a sub floor be when installing ceramic tiles?


Can you recommend a book dedicated to making and installing custom ceramic tiles?

There is a book by the name " Making & Installing Handmade Tiles" ( A Lark Ceramic Book) (Paperback) by Angelica Pozo. This book is available at

How many tiles would be needed to cover a square design with a length of 7 tiles?

49 tiles

How many tiles will make a rectangle that is 4 tiles wide?

4 times the number of tiles in the length of the rectangle.

Travertine Tiles?

form_title= Travertine Tiles form_header= Gorgeous tile at an affordable price. Install travertine tiles in your home. What is the square footage of the area?*= _ [50] Where are you installing the tiles?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove current tile?*= () Yes () No

How many square vinyl tiles 20 cm on a side are needed to cover a floor 6m by 5m?

Lets do length and width in terms of tiles. The length is 6m/0.2m/tile 30 tiles and the width is 5m/0.2m/tile 25 tiles. Then the area is l X w 30 tiles X 25 tiles 750 square tiles. Since each tile is square, 750 tiles.

What is the shortest length of wood and tiles that you can lay if you have 15 inch pieces of wood and 12 inch pieces of tile?

It depends on how many tiles of each length that you have.

How many tiles would be needed to cover a square design with a length of 7 tiles explain how you know?

49 tiles because a square has the same length as it does breadth. The Area of a square is length times breadth, so if length eqauls seven then so does the breadth which means that the area will be 7x7 which eqauls 49.

How many tiles needed for 6 meters?

The answer depends on the area, not the length. It also depends on the size of the tiles!

How many tiles would be needed to cover a square design with a length of 5 tiles?

25 geinus

How many 1 inch tiles cover a 40 inch square?

1600 tiles, however, if you are installing tile you should allow an extra 10% for waste and cuts.