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You get 60%. What that means in terms of grades depends on the grade boundaries.

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you got 6 right so 6/10 = 60

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Q: If i have a test with 10 questions and i get 4 wrong what grade did i get?
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How do you grade a test with 40 questions?

If u get 1-5 wrong A 5-10 wrong B 10-15 wrong C 15-20 wrong D 20 and up u get a F

If there are 30 questions on a test and 10 are missed what is the final grade?


What would your grade be If you got 10 questions wrong out of 30?

67% or D+

How can you find the grade average from three wrong out of 10 questions?

10 - 3 = 7 7 / 10 = .7 = 70%

How many questions can you get wrong on a Florida written driver's license test?

a total of 10

How many questions be wrong on a 40 question test to get a 75 percent?

10 can be wrong and 30 right; 30/40 = 75%

Took a test that had 20 questions. Total grade was computed by 10 points for each correct and 5 point deduction for each wrong. All questions were answered with a score of 125. How many were wrong?

well you can go to answer right under ask and it will give you a list you can answers

If the cutoff score for Stuyvesant is 561 how many multiple choice questions can you get wrong on the SHSAT and still get in?

This is a tough question since none of the residents know how to grade a shsat test. the grading is weird and changes every year. I say you might have to get at the maximum 10-15 questions wrong to be offered a seat

You got 90 on a test that had exactly 80 questions how many did i get wrong?

90% of 80 right means 10% of 80 wrong, which means 10/100 x 80 = 1/10 x 80 = 1/1 x 8 = 8 questions wrong.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 80 percent if there are 100 questions?

You can get 20 questions wrong.

If you answer 75 questions and 10 was wrong. What percent do you got?

You got 131/3 % wrong and 862/3 % correct. Obviously it was not a math test.

What if you have 10 questions on a test and you get four wrong how much do you get also how do you get that?

To find the percentage, find the number of correct answers and divide by the total number of questions given. In this case it is (10-4)/10, or 60 percent.

How do you grade a test?

You take the total number of missed problems, subtract from total of questions, divide by total of questions (then convert to percentage). Example: 10 total questions on test, three are missed Step 1: 10 - 3 = 7 Step 2: 7 divided by 10 = .70 Step 3: .70 converted to percentage = 70%

What is the grade if you miss 1 out of 10?

If there are 10 questions on the test then they are each worth 10 point to make a total of 100. If you miss one question, then you got 9 right (10 - 1 = 9) so 9 times 10 would be a grade of 90.

How do you figure out the percentage of 10 wrong out of 36 questions?

percentage of 10 wrong out of 36 questions = 27.78%= 10/36 * 100%= 0.2778 * 100%= 27.78%

How many questions do you have to miss to get an 80 on a 60 question test?

According to my grade calculator with a 60 question test your break point would be 30 for a D- and a 57 for an A+, so an 80% would 47 correct questions and that means you would get a B and that is missing 10 questions.

How do you grade a test of 19 questions?

To find out the percent you need to cross multiply, example: 10/19. Times the correct answers by 100, then divide that number by the total amount of questions=52.63%

What is your grade if you miss 4 out of 10 problems?

If there are 10 questions, then each question will be worth 10 points to make a total grade of 100. Therefore, if you got 6 questions correct (10 - 4 = 6) then your grade will be a 60 (6 times 10)

What is your grade if you get 3 out of 13 problems wrong?

10/13 right = 77% grade

If Tom got 70 percent of the questions correct on a music test if he got 7 questions correct how many questions were on the test?

10 questions

How do you do mathematics to get the percentage of your grade?

Take the number of questions you got right and divide that by the total number of questions. Then times it by 100. ex. You got 10 questions right out of a 25 question test. 10/25= 0.40 x 100 = 40%. That's pretty bad!

A test consists of 10 truefalse questions To pass the test a student must answer at least 7 questions correctly on a true-false exam what is the probability that he or she get them all right?

The probability of getting all 10 questions right is, P(10) =(1/2)10 =0.0009765...9 questions right, P(9) =10C9 ∙(1/2)10 =10∙(1/2)10 ~ 0.009765...8 questions right, P(8) =10C8 ∙(1/2)10 ~ 45∙(1/2)10 ~ 0.043945...7 questions right, P(7) =10C7 ∙(1/2)10 ~ 120∙(1/2)10 ~ 0.1171875...The probability of passing the test with any of the grade is the sum of all theabove; P(passing)~ 0.1719 ~ 17.2%

If you get 6 wrong out of 20 questions what is your grade?

70% , which is a C. If you got 6 wrong, that means you got 14 right. 14/20 can simplify down to 7/10 (divide both the numerator and denominator by 7), and 7/10 is a 70%.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 40 percent if there are 10 questions?

40% of 10 = 4 So four questions out of ten is answered correctly.

What is your grade on the reading taks test if you get 10 correct?

it depends on what its out of