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Q: If i miss 2 out of 3 meetings what is my percentage of attendance?
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At a company fish fry half in attendance are employees Employees spouses are One third of the attendance What is the percentage of the people in attendance who are not employees or employee spouses?

The total attendance can be represented as the sum of employees and employee spouses. Let's assume the number of employees is "E" and the number of employee spouses is "S". We know that E + S = total attendance. Given that half of the attendance are employees, we can say that E = (1/2) * (E + S). Also, given that one-third of the attendance are employee spouses, we can say that S = (1/3) * (E + S). Solving these equations, we can determine the values of E and S, which will allow us to calculate the percentage of people in attendance who are not employees or employee spouses.

What is the grade if you miss 2 out of 23?

You can solve this in two steps * First find out how many questions you DIDN'T miss. * Then convert (questions not missed) / (total questions) into a percentage. The above assume that you want a percentage; it also assumes that all questions have the same weight.

If there is 16 questions on a quiz and you miss 2 what will be your percent?

Providing that all 14 remaining questions were correct then the percentage is 87.5%

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Are revival meetings loud?

Not all revival meetings are loud, biblically they are loud according to Acts 2:1-47. but you can still have quite revival meetings. it depends where you hold it. and who attends it.

Is there any benefit available to the students who have shortage of attendance in current term but had maintained good attendance in the previous term?

Yes, A student may be allowed to avail the following allowance as bonus for good attendance in the previous term, on medical grounds or in case of a natural calamity or due to immobilization for any other valid reason: Attendance %age in aggregate in the previous term Bonus Percentage Available 95% or more 10 90% or more but less that 95% 8 85% or more but less that 90% 6 80% or more but less that 85% 4 75% or more but less that 80% 2 Bonus attendance earned from the previous term will be added to compute the attendance requirement of the current term only if a student's aggregate attendance in current term is more than or equal to 60%. The advantage of bonus attendance will be given in the immediate next term only. In case a student has skipped the previous term he will not be entitled for any benefit of bonus attendance in current term.

How many people attend AA meetings?

It is estimated that over 2 million people around the world attend AA meetings.

How you can solve percentages?

If you have 25 questions than you take 25x4 so the questions would be worth 4 points. So if you miss 2 than your percentage is 92%

Different types of meetings within your workplace?

Here are some types of meetings: Daily stand-up meeting Weekly team meeting Monthly planning meeting Quarterly review meeting Executive board meeting Annual review meeting Want to learn about effective meetings workshop, visit at

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How many people where in the Inaugural Ball?

Approximately 2 million people were in attendance.

What is the attendance for Puerto Rican day parade in new york?

2 million